Unbelievable? I don’t think so! Living in Heinlein’s Crazy Years

Meet the Puppet Regime’s pick for Department of Energy at the linkWARNING: THINK TWICE, NAY THREE TIMES BEFORE CLICKING THE LINK: WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CAN NEVER BE UNSEEN.  Rated R for RANCID.

Why would the Regime pick a creature such as this to occupy one of the highest offices in the land?  Whether or not the creature is in any way qualified to manage America’s energy sources – NOT! – optics alone would disqualify it.  Parking such a perversion in an institution far from view would be far kinder to itself and to the nation.  Here are some of the  reasons your Irascible Correspondent believes this is being done.

First, this creature fully supports a “starve America of energy” agenda.  This is consistent with the agenda of the foreign powers that have seized control of the government of the US which hope to see America brought low so that they can climb to dominance over America’s fallen corpse.  Energy being necessary to the operations of civilization, crippling American energy, which the Beijing Brandon regime has done consistently would cripple America.

Second, placing such an abomination in a prominent position of authority humiliates the United States in the eyes of the world which recognizes what this creature represents as inimical to their own societies.  It not so much reduces the US to a laughing stock as make American civilization repugnant to normal people.

Third, normal Americans will also be horrified.  Worse, they will be outraged, disconcerted and ashamed of their government; thus less likely to support a favorable view of themselves as Americans or of America as a nation they would be proud to call their own.  Especially as this kind of perversion has a favored status and unfavorable comments would garner reprisals from the marching morons of the left.

The good news is that what can’t go on won’t.  The bad news is that it is going to go on for a while yet.

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