2 Comments on “Two CA Medical Doctors’ controversial, science-based discussion: Shelter In Place Is Weakening The Immune Systems Of Everyone Who Complies

  1. Coronavirus is widely spread but results in only a 3/10ths of one-percent mortality rate (Los Angeles county April 21, 2020), around the mortality rate of the flu. Let this almost harmless virus have its way, the healthy infected develop natural antibodies without the need for a vaccine, and we go on living our lives. Focus on high-risk groups to save lives ( hospital workers, nursing home patients). For the healthy, infection breeds antibodies and possible life-long protection. Locking down the entire populace in a futile attempt to spare the lives of high-risk individuals while leaving the masses totally dependent upon an imagined future vaccine to avoid infection is complete folly. The more lockdown, the greater the chance of COVID-19 returning in November. The virologists know this. They are priming the demand for a vaccine.

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