Turnabout is fair play

Turn about is fair play.  For years I’ve said that Alinsky’s rules cut two ways.  Fox News tell us how its going down.

“Our goal is to take a big handful of sand and throw it in the gears of the Biden administration, and that’s what we’re going to do every day,” he said.

Jones – who has worked in a number of research groups, as well as a legislative director for Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and for the 2016 Ted Cruz presidential campaign – said the AAF differs from other opposition groups by not being client-based, and instead is focused on causing trouble for the new administration.

It was set up only in March but has already made headlines, in part due to its guerilla-style tactics. Notably, its members infiltrated a Zoom training for congressional staffers on earmarks — and leaked video showing aides telling trainees that while “the optics” of a lawmaker steering an earmark to a campaign donor “look kind of bad,” the project could still be allowed under House rules.

. . .

In terms of an ideology, Jones said the AAF differs from traditional opposition research groups as its client is the conservative movement, rather than an individual client who pays for such groups to go after a target.

“We’re kind of starting with, ‘Let’s see what we can do from day one to frustrate the Biden administration agenda’ and work from there,” he said.


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