Tulsi’s turn around

Last week Tulsi Gabbard, former Democrat Presidential candidate in the 2020 primaries (where she brilliantly torpedoed Kamala Harris), spectacularly repudiated the Democrat Party.

Quite naturally Republicans and Conservatives cheered.  Gabbard is attractive, articulate, and pulls no punches.  Now she is stumping for prominent Republican candidates such as Kari Lake and Blake Masters in Arizona.  She has gone on all kinds of talk shows to promote her views and has even started her own podcast.  The Right is eating it up.

Although your Irascible Correspondent’s flinty heart is warmed by this desertion, said flinty heart remains wary.  Two key questions: 1. Why now?  2. What next?

It must be said that the devastating accusations Gabbard makes against the Democrats are true and accurate, and everybody not mind wiped by the Neo-Marxist propaganda machine knows it.  As a person high in the the Democrat Party’s secret councils, she, of all people has to have been privy to what the Democrat Party actually is and has been for years.  They are famous for careful planning, and at her level she could not have been unaware of their aims and methods.  She has been a part of this criminal conspiracy for her entire political career and never raised an objection till now.

Now, however, the Democrat’s mask has not so much slipped as been torn off by their own hand in their desperate haste to consolidate power following the 2020 coup.  Gabbard has known this, her eyes are as good as anyone’s and her insider perspective better; she knows that the whole world also sees.  Especially in the last few months it is clear that Americans are awakening to their danger in ever increasing numbers.  She can see that in the 2022 midterms the Dems are going to get crushed, that they have lost the trust of the majority of the American people and have so damaged themselves that they will not be able to restore that trust for a generation or more.

No ambitious politician wants to tie himself to the mast of a sinking ship.  On that point no one can blame Gabbard for abandoning the fatally wounded Democrat Party.  Gabbard is ambitious, else she would not be in politics at all, and certainly not have advanced herself as a candidate for the Presidency.  In making this move at this time she has her eye on other prizes down the line.

Whatever those goals are she will not reach them on the Democrat platform, having so publicly denounced her former Party she won’t be gong back there.  Marxists are famous for their vindictiveness, they can be expected to do all they can to destroy her as a traitor to the Cause she once championed.  She has not joined the Republican Party.  Given that the institutional GOP is actually the junior partner (the Donks being senior) and also a wholly owned subsidiary of the Deep State (aka the Communist Party), they cannot take her in.  At least not right away.

Your Irascible Correspondent has not seen any furious cannonades against her from the Left.  Of course they have noticed and remarked on her departure from their ranks, but the reaction seems strangely subdued.  Where is the foaming at the mouth fury?  Where are the over the top personal attacks?  Where are the Gestapo DOJ investigations?  Where are the KGB FBI hit teams?  Peculiar, that.

We know that Marxists take the long view, they are, after all, working towards the Worker’s Paradise, the Glorious World of Next Tuesday.  They are also known for careful and detailed planning, for steadfast adherence to the Party Line, unflinching ruthlessness and for unwavering unity in message and action.  Oh, I almost forgot, they are famous for infiltration and subversion.  They regularly out think, out plan, out maneuver their opponents and strike with precision and cold ferocity.

Despite all their planning, Donald Trump’s candidacy in 2016 took them by surprise, they had misjudged the man and the temper of the American electorate.  So dazzled were they by the success of Obama and the certainty of Hillary’s inevitable victory that they believed their own propaganda.  Thus insulated they had no clue how many and how discontented the Bitter Clingers actually were.  Having been shocked by their defeat, despite the standard election rigging, they determined that it would never happen again.  But again they ‘misunderestimated’ the passion of the Deplorables and so had to resort to extraordinary measures to ‘win’ the 2020 election.  Now they are aware that despite all the election ‘fortification’ they can muster they are going to be swamped in the 2022 Midterms.  What to do?

Many have said, and it is true, that Barrack Obama was a Marxist Trojan Horse.  It is possible that Tulsi Gabbard is another.  The leopard does not change his spots.  Gabbard has been a committed Democrat her whole political career at a time when ‘Democrat’ means ‘Closet Communist.’  I suggest that American Patriots would be well advised to carefully scrutinize Gabbard’s future political career with an extremely jaundiced eye.

It is true that over the years many have abandoned the Communist Party in the face of the enormous evils it has committed.  Are we seeing a woman who has recognized the error of her ideas, cast them aside and honestly embraced true American values and aspirations?  Is this move a genuine conversion of the heart, an expedient move by a political opportunist or the coming out party of another Manchurian Candidate?

This isn’t over.

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