They knew and they lied

What’s more they knew right at the beginning, almost . . .  almost as if it had all been planned.  Christians for Truth lay it out:

The FDA has released a video on YouTube of a public meeting of the “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee” which took place on Oct. 22, 2020, to discuss the general matter of the development, authorization, and/or licensure of vaccines indicated to prevent COVID-19.

During this 9 hour video, a slide briefly flashes on screen and disappears — and the narrator does not comment on it. However, you can see it at about 2:33:40 into the video — one second into this excerpt — it only flashes on the screen very fast — if you blink, you’ll miss it — but if you freeze frame the video on the slide — which we have done — you will see this information about COVID vaccine adverse side effects:

The slide is titled “FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines: DRAFT Working list of possible adverse outcomes ***Subject to change***“. In the right-hand column, second from the bottom, it clearly reads, “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children“.

What is Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children? It is a “brand new” disease that the media has been promoting as being caused by the COVID-19 “virus” itself — not the vaccine.

Heart-rending stories about this deadly syndrome have been strategically planted in the media — like this one that appeared in December 2020 — in order to prime parents to fear this fatal condition so that when the CDC approves vaccinating all children — even those under 12 — parents will insist that their children get the vaccine as soon as it’s available.

The media has been running similar stories for the last year — to blame all the adverse side effects of the vaccines on COVID — a scam we reported early last year.

And for many parents, their worst fears will come to pass as their vaccinated child is stricken with this fatal condition anyway — and the doctors will assure the grieving parents that “unfortunately” the vaccine didn’t protect their child from the newest — and deadly — “variant”.

We reported in April of 2020 — right at the beginning of the “pandemic” — that researchers were already predicting that all COVID vaccines already in the works would become “obsolete” due to rapidly mutated variants — another scam to justify constant vaccination for new “strains” until the world depopulation goal has been reached — at least a 90% kill off.

What they won’t tell you is that certain vaccines have been causing this deadly syndrome in children for years — and is one of the main causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

And these “tragic” deaths due to Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome will, of course, be blamed on the viral transmission from unvaccinated — and grieving, highly distraught parents will lead the witch hunt to demand that all unvaccinated people be put in COVID isolation camps until they submit to the depopulation program– Think Of The Children!™

Those who are orchestrating this fake pandemic are perfectly willing to murder thousand of children if that’s what it’s going to take to finally convince everyone to submit to their euthanasia program — and they know that the unvaccinated are the only living proof that the vaccines are what’s killing everyone — not the fake COVID-19 “virus” that has a 99.99% survival rate — and that’s why the unvaccinated are now considered “domestic terrorists.”

And what better way to demonize the unvaccinated than to lay the bodies of thousands of children and infants at their feet — no one will have any sympathy for these Baby Killers™.

Indeed — as Bill Gates himself admitted — these deadly vaccines will be ominous “The Final Solution™” to the “pandemic”.

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