The way forward – a call for leaders

The below video explains the state we are in, how we got here and how we get out, individually and as a society.  Conservatives are well aware of the state of the world, but have failed utterly to conserve anything.  Why is this?  Your Irascible Correspondent believes that Conservatives have regarded the incursions of the Barbarians of the Left as a temporary phenomenon,  that soon they would see the errors of their ways and return to sanity.  We let them persevere in their errors as challenging them would provoke an unpleasant confrontation even as they continually confront and challenge us.  So we have continually yielded ground until we have almost nothing on which to stand.

We are at the brink, with our backs against the sea, our Dunkirk.  Only England’s fathers will not come to save their battered sons this time.  No one is coming.

That’s the bad news.  NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US.


Its all on us, now.  We are the army that will save us, and we are already here.


Our enemies trumpet their victory while their every action proclaims their weakness.  They are at pains to sneer at us while failing to hide their fear.  They are naked, and they know it, terrified that the accusing shout will be raised at any moment.  They bluster and threaten to keep us cowed, knowing that they don’t have the authority to back themselves up.  They dread the moment when the facade cracks because the moment it does it all crumbles.

What, then, must we do, fellow AMERICANS, fellow PATRIOTS?

Merely be MEN AND WOMEN OF VALOR and SPEAK THE TRUTHLIVE THE TRUTH THAT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MAY LIVE!  However hesitantly, however quietly, however uncertainly, speak!  For silence is DEATH.

Only two things are needed for courage: 1. fear; 2. determination.  Begin, and it will grow.


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