The “vaccine mandate” narrative crumbles

The push to require the vaxx is beginning to collapse.  From lawyers ready to pounce if and when the Revolutionary Junta in DC puts the “vaccine” mandate in writing (so far it has been just verbal demands), to protests in Deep Blue New York and Seattle, to air lines caving to employee walkouts, to unions actually standing up for their members, to big pharma exposes by Project Vertitas, the illegal, immoral and unconstitutional “vaxx mandates” are failing.  Now just about everybody knows its all a load of malarkey having nothing to do with anybody’s health.  The high level propaganda prostitutes still advocate for it, but the people actually involved cannot defend it.

Two things are going to get us through this counter revolution: relentlessly exposing the truth and peaceful mass non-compliance.

Resist much.  Obey little.

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