The true counter revolution

I’ll wager that some people are uncomfortable with the term “counter revolution.”  It probably conjures up images of backwoods militia men sneaking around the woods with rifles, blowing up power stations, kidnapping government officials or tracking down and “rubbing out” snitches.  Or worse, a kind of Red versus Blue masses of armed men blazing away at each other as the Blue and the Gray did 160 years ago.  Or maybe, an Irish Republican Army sort of terror campaign waged against the oppressors of the Revolutionary Junta here in the U.S.

All that kind of thing would be a huge mistake and would only serve to permanently destroy the United States, if only because the nation would be so shattered and riven by bitter, vindictive resentment that we could never again be one country.  We would be lucky if some foreign power, recognizing our weakness, didn’t swoop in and make large claims on territory which we would not be strong enough to defend.  In such a case we would be falling right into the trap our foes have set for us, as Dottie Bailey pointed out just this week.

The following short videos point out the curx of the psychological operation being run against us.  The solution lies in deliberately, consistently, determinedly taking steps to counter the fear, the isolation and lies that are the principal tools of our enemies.  This is the heart and soul of what a real counter revolution is all about.

The practical means of achieving this in reaching out to like minded people in your immediate neighborhood.  The countries behind the Iron Curtain created a network of small groups, mostly family centered, that maintained a network of mutual support in the face of Soviet era repression which enabled them to survive with their humanity more or less intact, and to form a credible follow on society once the Soviets collapsed.  We can do the same using an existing political structure, the precinct.  Recommended for your attention are two short books: 1. Live Not by Lies – A Manual for Christian Dissidents by Rod Dreher.  These principles apply whether you are Christian or not, and 2. How to Get Into the Real Ball Game of Politics Where You Live by Daniel Schultz.

So watch these three short videos, read these two books, and then, if you have a mind, join me in the counter revolution.

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