The strategic conquest of America – part 3

In my last essay I discussed  the first step in the destruction of a nation as described by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov.  That first step is demoralization, in which a nation or people is brought to a point that it holds its own history, culture, art, public institutions, religion and political leadership in contempt and no longer upholds or transmits it values to upcoming generations.  According to Bezmenov this should take about 20 years.  the fact that is has been ongoing for a good fifty years is a testament to the strength of American civilization.  The process, as noted previously, is near completion.


The next stage in the process of strategically destroying and taking over a nation is destabilization.  Destabilization is the process of making the functioning of the the nation’s institutions increasingly inefficient and counter productive.  Obstacles are constantly placed in the way of the smooth operation of these institutions, and they get co-opted into investing their energies in upholding initiatives that have nothing to do with their core mission, and so the core mission is marginalized and often lost.

This is accomplished by infiltration and subversion both within and without the organization.  Infiltration and subversion from within is accomplished when individuals become members of the organization and work to undermine it, subversion from without occurs when an organization is forced to change as a result of external pressures.  Three names are particularly associated with the work of destabilizing American society.  The most well known is that of Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals and leftist organizer extraordinaire.

The other, much less well known names, are Richard Cloward and Fances Fox Piven, who in 1966 formulated the Cloward-Piven Strategy for collapsing the welfare system.  The strategy proved so successful that it has been applied to many other areas targeted by the radical left.  These three Socialists formulated the battlefield strategies and tactics that have been leading us ever further into the fundamental transformation of America: the collapse of our democratic republic and its replacement by a totalitarian collectivist state.  When teamed with the Alinsky rules, as it generally is, the Cloward Piven Strategy is devastating; much devastation have they wrought.

Having forced New York City into bankruptcy, and nearly New York State as well, the welfare reforms signed by Bill Clinton limited what damage could be done through the welfare system.  They then pivoted to the electoral system, forcing reforms that have opened elections at local, State and Federal levels to increasing levels of fraud.  The Democrats’ big push towards universal vote by mail and ballot harvesting would put and end to any but the most superficial semblance of honest elections.  It is not simply a question of using fraud to perpetuate a one Party system, but goes to de-legitimize the electoral process altogether.

The same forces are at work undermining the immigration system.  Since at least 1965 the whole point of encouraging foreigners to flood into the US was and remains to undermine the very concept of America’s national sovereignty, American law, American  citizenship and American identity.  Sovereignty because every nation has the right to define and defend its borders.  As a republic America is a nation governed by laws, by flouting the law on such a massive scale America’s governing principles are eroded.  When foreigners have equal or greater rights than Americans American citizenship is devalued.  When millions whose cultures are at odds with the culture that shaped and nurtured the American heart and soul, and those foreign cultures refuse to assimilate but retain their distinctness in opposition to American values, American values become diluted and increasingly alien to those who claim these United States as our native land.

Notice that all of these actions which undermine and corrupt institutions are undertaken in the name of the poor, the marginalized and, in Alinsy’s words, the have-nots, who are supposedly oppressed by the wealthy and the powerful.  Americans, who still largely share a Christian value system, are much attracted to the ideas of compassion, generosity and helping the less fortunate.  What is not obvious, and is well masked, is that those organizing the poor and downtrodden very often become wealthy and powerful themselves.  This might be considered odd if it were not so common; it is a feature, not a bug.  For those at the top charity pays.

There is a great deal of money to be made leveraging charity to subvert an institution, which is a good thing for them because it takes a great deal of money to fund leftist causes.  Church charities are no exception.  In 1969 Saul Alinsky joined forces with Cardinal John Cody in Chicago to establish the National Catholic Crusade Against Poverty which over time became the Catholic Campaign for Human Development which every year solicits millions of dollars from Catholic parishioners from all over the country.  These funds are then distributed to various organizations, many of which are not only left-leaning but whose stated aims are directly contrary to Catholic teaching.  Despite investigations and protests over many years tremendous amounts of money continue to be donated to organizations which directly undermine the Church.

In the early 1990’s Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation came to Los Angeles to leverage the goodwill of a local community based organization, S.E.A., an anti-gang youth organization.  They were doing great work getting young people out of gangs, off drugs and free of criminal influence.  The IAF came in and raised millions of dollars from both the private and public sectors to replicate this successful model on a much larger scale, the program was called Hope in Youth.  A great deal was done in a hurry, no proper foundation in terms of training and community outreach was laid.  Then one fine day everybody came in to find the lights had been turned off, a big part of the funds entrusted to the IAF to administer were no longer available in Los Angeles and the IAF was exempt from audit.  Not only was the money gone, the hopes and expectations of the communities that needed the help were dashed and the reputation of the organizations that had sponsored the program were ruined.  Everybody came  out a loser except the Marxists whose agenda was advanced and coffers enriched.

The process of Destabilization is designed to make the governance of a country more difficult.  The nation’s institutions are rendered ineffective, often working counter to their own mandates.  The population learns that these institutions cannot be relied upon or even trusted.  Things get out of control and every effort to restore balance is met with another destabilizing push.

In Bezemov’s four step recipe for taking over a country, Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, Normalization, the steps are not mutually exclusive. each flows into the next, with a good deal of overlap between the steps.  I have now discussed the first two, Demoralization and Destabilization.  In my next essay I will discuss step three, Crisis.


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