The President’s important speech on the current election

Today President Trump gave a 46 minute address to the nation regarding the election irregularities.  This is a very significant speech which clearly comes right from his heart.  This video is on Youtube so there is absolutely no guarantee that it won’t be taken down at a moment’s notice.  This, too, is a heartbreaking reality.


Evidence of fraud is rampant.  It is egregious.  The Donks and their globalist Marxist masters did not even try to hide it, so deep is their contempt not only for President Trump, for the American electorate, for all Americans and for all that America is and stands for.  To them We the People are just pawns to be pushed around their game boards by media agitprop tricks and lies.  I don’t know about you, but that stings.  Not because I, your humble correspondent, is held in such little regard by these demon spawn, but because they regard the American Republic, the greatest nation the world has ever known, as a contemptible thing to be subjugated, raped, dismembered and mined for the sake of their wealth and power.

What is clear is that over 74 million Americans voted for President Trump and his America First agenda.  That this landslide exceeded their expectations and they were forced to take emergency measures beyond anything anticipated by the greatest election fraud machine in world history to shore up their disappearing majorities on November 3rd, 2020.  That the bought and paid for media propaganda machines, both traditional and online were fully organized and scripted to “legitimize” the fraud and smother any dissent with silence.  That they did not expect that their actions would be so soon uncovered.  That they did not expect that the push to make the fraud known to the American people by the Giuliani and Powell teams would be so effective despite the media blackout.  That probably 100 million Americans at least suspect that President Trump was robbed of his victory by underhanded and criminal means, and that number is growing daily.

They are attempting to finalize the strategic conquest of America by means of a Color Revolution.  Gentle reader may recall that these things were discussed on these pages some time back, here, here, here, here, here and here.  As leader of the MAGA counter revolution President Trump has shown himself to be increasingly aware of what has been and is being done to America.  He has to have been aware that the enemies of the Republic would pull out all the stops to prevent his reelection.  Today’s speech makes it clear that he has no intention of allowing that to happen.

It is said that when you try to kill the king you had better not miss.  Since before he was even the Republican Presidential candidate in the late Summer of 2016 the Demoncrats have been attempting one coup after another to remove him from office; this election with its bold and blatant fraud is only the latest such attempt.  Your humble correspondent believes that it too will fail.  The Dems are beginning to twig to this and are desperately afraid.  All their treasonous plottings are known; they know they will pay a terrible price for what they have done should they fail.  And they will fail.

Trapped, now, by the momentum of their own failed machinations they are desperately trying to bury the evidence while putting on a brave but increasingly nervous face.  They have painted themselves into the mother of all corners and the only way out is by upholding the fraud and hoping Orange Man Bad collapses before they do.  Hint: he won’t.  They are slowly becoming aware that most Americans are not going to be willing to let it go and accept Creepy Joe the Girl Sniffer as President along with his globalist, corporatist and radical Socialist cronies.  Ain’t happening.

Now that they are cornered is when they are most desperate and most dangerous.  Now is when they will try to force their victory by violence.  I am sure there is a plan for that too.  Your humble corresponsent will stand firm, stay away from crowds, relying on his fellow Patriots, his guns and his God.

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