The politics and consequences of the left’s preoccupation with sex

The left has sex on the brain, a surprisingly large part of their agenda is about sex.  Ever since the sexual revolution which they indulged and encouraged, the left has been pushing Western cultures further and further away from traditional sexual mores.  At this point that marriage, family and children are almost considered obsolete and disparaged in popular culture.  We have seen the push for easy divorce, abortion, “gay” rights, same sex “marriage”, schools teaching heterosexual and homosexual promiscuity, the transsexual agenda and now the normalization of “minor attracted persons”.  The consequences to society of these initiatives have been horrific; they are not accidental, but have an ideological goal: power and control.

In normal societies the family is the the foundation of all social life.  It is here that new members are brought into the world, inducted into the prevailing culture by a stable opposite sex couple whose primary concern is the maintenance and welfare of their children.  Throughout history the primary love and loyalty of individuals has been to their immediate family, and only then to clan, tribe and nation.  The left sees this as a problem, as they want the individual’s primary loyalty to be to the totalitarian State.  Every Communist regime has sought this goal, the New Soviet Man that would love and obey the State above all.

In every instance the Sovietization of the individual has mostly failed.  The entirety of the left’s Woke agenda is to degrade and ultimately do away with the individual’s capacity for fully human relationships.  Easy divorce undermines fidelity in marriage, abortion undermines commitment to children, culture of promiscuity undermines the capacity for enduring love of another and is a gateway to sex addiction, schools instructing children in sexual behaviors not only violates the integrity of their human development but the secretive nature of such instruction undermines the authority of the parent and binds children’s loyalty to a new authority figure, the teacher and by extension the State.

The human misery that will result will be incalculable.  Already we are seeing the devastating consequences of people living the lies with which the left beguiled them so many years ago.  Led to believe that their lives would be better if they abandoned the traditional ways they now find themselves abandoned in turn.  What awaits where the Woke Supremacist Pied Piper leads will be far, far worse.

In 1934 the ethnologist J.D. Unwin wrote his opus magnus, Sex and Culture.

In Sex and Culture (1934), the ethnologist and social anthropologist J. D. Unwin studied 80 primitive tribes and 6 known civilizations through 5,000 years of history and found a positive correlation between the cultural achievement of a people and the sexual restraint they observe.  According to Unwin, after a nation becomes prosperous it becomes increasingly liberal with regard to sexual morality and as a result loses it cohesion, its impetus and its purpose. The process, says the author, is irreversible:
“The whole of human history does not contain a single instance of a group becoming civilized unless it has been absolutely monogamous, nor is there any example of a group retaining its culture after it has adopted less rigorous customs.”

Below are presented links to seven short (5-7 minutes each) videos outlining Unwin’s thesis.

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