The myth of the peaceful protester

These are not peaceful protesters

The mainstream propaganda outlets have made much of the supposed injustice of the forces of law and order exercising violent repression on so called “peaceful protesters”.  This is done to de-legitimize the police, the national guard and the authority of the State.  An excellent example is provided by the coverage of the eviction of protesters from around the White House last week: “Live updates: Trump poses for photos at church after police force out protesters; demonstrations intensify overnight.

Whatever else these people may be they are NOT peaceful protesters.  Peaceful protesters do exist as for example at a sit-in where participants sit around in a circle singing Kumbaya, a Tea Party demonstration or a group praying the rosary outside an abortion clinic.  These are characterized by a vocal but passive transmission of their message as opposed to an active, threatening confrontation.

Civilizations foster peace among the members of their societies; the widespread absence of peace is an indicator of weakness of a society and a harbinger of its demise.  The current spate of Well Organized Spontaneous Demonstrations (TM) kicked off by the death of George Floyd are both an indication of the decline of American civilization and an accelerant of that decline.

Every culture has misfits which are more or less handled by the social conventions of that society by public censure, incarceration, exile or execution.  When organized groups arise and are not quashed by the culture, then that culture has a potentially fatal problem, a revolution in the making.

Houston, we have a problem.

Unsurprisingly little remarked in the mainstream media is how widespread the ideological underpinnings of the protesters has become in our culture.  Unsurprising because you would not expect the these organs which serve as disseminators of subversive agitprop to alarm the nation by pointing out that the ideological infection of Marx and Lenin are at epidemic levels and rising.  There is in America today a large and growing revolutionary counter culture that advocates a violent overthrow of our Constitutional government and of Western civilization entirely.

Yes, we have known for years that the Democrat Party has long since become a wholly owned subsidiary of Communism International.  Yes, we know that the entertainment industry has spread subversion of morals everywhere.   Yes, we know that Socialist ideology has permeated our educational system.  Yes, we know that the Deep State is infested with these creatures.  Now we are beginning – just beginning! – to see fruits of allowing this wickedness to burrow among us and fester largely unchecked.

Your humble correspondent does business out of an office in Highland Park in N.E. Los Angeles.  I was shocked to see the number of predominantly Hispanic BLM demonstrators that came out of the surrounding residential neighborhoods.  I had known that there were a few radicals and Bernie supporters back there, but when they came out on foot by ones and twos, and dozens and scores to aggregate in their thousands I realized that the crisis was upon us all.

These local protesters turned out to be peaceful in fact; they did not see the need to burn down their own neighborhood to prove their point.  At one point they formed a caravan and went off to who knows where to protest.  What was their behavior like there?

Besides their number there is one other thing that surprised me, though it shouldn’t have, their coordination.  They all knew when and where they were to gather.  Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and others, are their means of communication; free, universal and short of turning off the internet, virtually unstoppable.  They have been networking on social media, and now are networking face to face as they put into practice what they have no doubt been discussing among themselves.  But there are other, more sinister means of communication over the internet.

One of them is, a website promoting left wing radicalism and anarchy.  These people are ‘way out in left field, and sound just like the radical leftists of the 1960’s, these people are young, fanatical  and dangerous.  The website, which claims to have been around for 20 years, offers a wealth of useful information for anarchists, which is what they call themselves here.  There is an online store offering bulk propaganda materials and well as an extensive online library covering such topics as Current Events, Strategy and Analysis, Theory and Critique, History, How To, Arts, Narratives and Classics.  One of the categories is Adventure; guaranteed a whole hell of a lot more exciting than what you’ll find in the schools.  What makes this so deadly attractive for young people is that it offers a higher purpose for their lives than the pursuit of sexual hedonism, drug addiction or a lifetime paying off student loans for that worthless degree in Bitter Victim Studies.

One of the recently posted stories is from a participant in the Minneapolis riots offers his fellow anarchists some cogent tactical observations and analysis of the action.   Summary of the article over at Vox Day, worth the read just to know your enemy.

Peaceful Protestors

The non-violent tactics of peaceful protesters served two familiar aims and one unusual one:

  • They created a spectacle of legitimacy, which was intensified as police violence escalated.
  • They created a front line that blocked police attempts to advance when they deployed outside of the Precinct.
  • In addition, in an unexpected turn of affairs, the peaceful protestors shielded those who employed projectiles.

Whenever the police threatened tear gas or rubber bullets, non-violent protesters lined up at the front with their hands up in the air, chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot!” Sometimes they kneeled, but typically only during relative lulls in the action. When the cops deployed outside the Precincts, their police lines frequently found themselves facing a line of “non-violent” protestors. This had the effect of temporarily stabilizing the space of conflict and gave other crowd members a stationary target. While some peaceful protestors angrily commanded people to stop throwing things, they were few and grew quiet as the day wore on. This was most likely because the police were targeting people who threw things with rubber bullets early on in the conflict, which enraged the crowd. It’s worth noting that the reverse has often been the case—we are used to seeing more confrontational tactics used to shield those practicing non-violence (e.g., at Standing Rock and Charlottesville). The reversal of this relationship in Minneapolis afforded greater autonomy to those employing confrontational tactics.

What is immediately clear is that these “peaceful protesters” are nothing of the sort.  They are aggressive and confrontational.  Even while forming a static barrier with their bodies they shield those who are more violent and when the opportunity is presented become actively violent themselves.  Beyond that, acts of vandalism and looting are hardly what can be called peaceful, there is nothing peaceful about destruction, theft, assault and arson.

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Further, it is one thing to protest an injustice to attempt to reform a system, it is quite another to use a protest movement as cover to undermine and destroy a nation.  And that, by their own admission, is the goal of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the Anarchists, all of them serving to wreck our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a totalitarian, collectivist form of government.  They want a revolution, nothing less.  Of course these young “not-a-bit-peaceful” activists are nothing more than puppets, useful idiots in unwitting service to the same hidden masters as pull the strings of the agitprop spewing  talking heads in the media.

As Patriots is is our duty to do our bit to stymie the violent revolution brewing in our midst.  No, we don’t need to go man the barricades shoulder to shoulder with the police.  What we must to is actively counter the false narratives promulgated by the revolutionaries and their allies.  This means that we need to call out the lies of the media.  No need to get into a screaming match with the people who are simply being fashionably congruent by repeating the left’s talking points.  But we can ask questions.

“Excuse me, what is peaceful about throwing things at the police?”  “Would you still think they were peaceful of they looted and burned your business?”  “Can you explain to me how arson is peaceful?”  “If only black lives matter, does your life matter?  What about mine?”

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It also helps to have some facts on call.  “No, the police are not all brutal racists who spend their time on the job hunting down and killing unarmed blacks.  The police shot 14 unarmed blacks in 2019.  They also shot 25 unarmed whites.  We all know the names of some unarmed blacks that were killed, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd.  Do you know the names of any of the whites recently killed by police?  How come you aren’t protesting their deaths?”  Some of them are really pretty bad.  We do need reforms in the law enforcement and justice system, but abolishing the police is not the answer.

Meanwhile, stay away from crowds.


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  1. This is a clarion call for America to wake up and look around at what is really going on. Act in defense now or lose America to the left.

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