The most important thing you can do to save our American Republic

Even before the WuFlu plannedemic  Americans were becoming more isolated from each other than at any time in history.  This was particularly true of conservatives, already under pressure from the leftward trend in society, and Republicans abandoned by our party apparatus.  The government response to the WuFlu put that trend on steroids.  Now EVERYBODY was deliberately isolating themselves, and, despite the “crisis” being over, in many cases still are.

All of this is a great evil foisted on America and the world by a cabal of maniacal control freaks who demand that we cede our individual liberties for a false “greater good”.  Submitting to and complying with these monsters can only result in the destruction of America as a nation and of civilization as a whole.  It would be false to say that this cannot be permitted, because it is being permitted, and we Americans are permitting it.

Time to knock it off, get off our butts and get busy forming local communities.  Make personal contact with your like minded neighbors, share your Republican ideas and values among each other, create a loose knit community.  Here is how it starts.

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