The great American election fraud of 2020

As are most of my readers (it should be ALL) I am beyond furious about the naked power grab the Democrat Party is attempting to perpetrate by means of fraud.  For years I have said that since they became a wholly owned subsidiary of ComIntern, which seems to have happened in the 1960’s, the Democrat Party has been engaged in a covert war against the United States.  The only good thing I can see coming out of this goat rodeo is the imminent destruction of the Democratic Party.  They have sown the seeds of this destruction themselves, the first fruits of which was the election and subsequent reelection of Donald Trump (I’m calling it!) and in the crumbling Donk majority in the House.

Below I offer you two powerful articles for your consideration.  The first by Larry Correia goes into detail about the mechanics of the fraud.  Serious language warning here, he doesn’t hold back.  In my mind the best sentence in the essay is about the long term results of the fraud: “However, what is potentially fatal for America is half the populace believing that their elections are hopelessly rigged and they’re eternally f___ed.”  You can read the whole thing here.

The second from the editors of the American Mind has practical suggestions for how to proceed.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, breaking every rule that Democrats have screamed for months that President Trump was going to break, have all but declared themselves the winners of the 2020 election before the votes are counted.

But the 2020 election is not over. The fight has just begun. This is the moment that decides everything. Everything is now at stake. Republicans must rise to the occasion. This means rallies and protests as well as investigating and ensuring that this election was lawful.

Yes, the fight is now.  I am glad that we have in Donald Trump a Republican who is determined to break with tradition and actually fight.  And so must we fight.  Personally I want to track down the nearest Democrat and beat him half to death, but that is not the answer.  We must fight first spiritually, fortifying ourselves with recourse to our Creator, imploring from Him the virtues of fortitude and prudence, courage and wisdom.  We must fight with words, never shying from the truth and justice of our cause even in the face of the demonic rage of our opponents.  If that leads to physical violence so be it, say I.  Only let them be the initiators, and let the chips fall where they may.  Our Founding Fathers pledged to one another their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.  We can do no less

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  1. Who wrote this crap? Why don’t you have the guts to put your name on it? Anyone can write whatever they want on the Interwebs. This is meaningless propaganda. And the articles you reference are utterly baseless rantings of Trump sycophants. Take off the blinders. You are victims. You have fallen for a cult of personality and it has sapped you of decency and rationality.

    • @Jason M, among the many things I find interesting about your post and many like it, is the seething hate and vitriol for those who don’t fall in lock step with your world view. I hope that you might realize that your approach above will never advance your cause without the aforementioned violence. I pray for all of our sakes that it does not come to that.

      P.S. – Are you truly so intellectually dishonest that you can’t see the irony of not providing your full name? “Jason M”, now that’s gutsy!

    • If you ever studied history, and knew what it meant, you would understand that the media was in favor of the elections of both Adolf Hitler, and Stalin, among others, like Chavez. If you knew history, you would understand that the butchers of men were the ones who taught hatred and encouraged fighting in the streets as well as burning of personal property. If you knew history you would realize that it isn’t the people who are for Trump The Patriot, who if you looked it up would find him doing things for all of the people, not the Elites-no, you would find the people known as Red Blooded Americans, not those who hate the country and are trying to tear it down. You would find those people haters in the schools teaching Treason to their country, rather than the love of it. And then telling those young people to work to get rid of the guy who is standing in the way of a Communist takeover of America. If you can’t see that the Communists are following the playbook for overturning the government of the people and for the people in order to relegate the entire population to slavery, working for the Elites, then I guess you will never be able to see it, until the ax falls on your head, not from us, the Patriots, but the Elites, who always get rid of those who enabled their takeover. After all, those are the people who know how to overturn governments, so they can’t be allowed to live.

      • Quite right! What we have here is a Color Revolution. Like the Battle of the Bulge, this Revolution has reached its high water mark. It is a last, desperate cast of the dice which might have won in the absence of skilled generalship and doughty determination on the Patriot Side. But those qualities are not lacking, and it will soon come crashing down on their heads. Like the Wehrhmacht, these traitors will be defeated at terrible cost to them.

        The Donks claimed victory, Trump said, “Nuts.” Yes, we are surrounded. Poor bastards, they can’t get away now.

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