The Constitution; trespass, non-compliance and you

KrisAnne Hall, JD, presents a compelling explanation of the US Constitution and she provides us with rules we can use to resist government encroachment in our homes, places of business and places of worship.  Click on the image to the right to download a copy of your rights when government (or anyone, actually) enters uninvited into your property and is trying to get your compliance.  It is an excellent “How to” guide and the second page is a legal trespass warning you can print out, complete and issue to these people.

You should have your address pre-written on form and as the need arises, fill in the date and time.  It is highly recommended that you take a picture of the agent you are serving the warning so you may then prove that this person has been issued a formal Trespass Warning.

Click on the image of the movie below to watch the powerful and compelling explanation of your rights protected by the Constitution.

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