The consequences of being a conquered nation

China is further testing whether the Puppet Regime will comply with terms of the $50,000,000 “charitable donation” and the $5.000,000 interest free forgivable “loan” the CCP made to Beijing Biden before the 2020 election.  The Puppet Regime should have no trouble Kow-towing given that a prominent Chinese intellectual has publicly boasted about winning their recent war with the US.  Oh, the Puppets might make a little bit of a fuss to try and save face, but if they do they will be quickly brought into line.  All must bow to the Pooh Emperor or suffer the consequences.

Now China demands that the US allow its Communist propaganda on campuses and in media.  That’s for starters.

During a Monday meeting between Chinese diplomats and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, the Chinese side gave the U.S. a list of “wrongdoings” by the U.S. against China, which they demanded the U.S. put a stop to. The “wrongdoings” included requirements for Chinese government-linked Confucius Institutes and Chinese media outlets to register as foreign agents of the Chinese government.

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the Chinese side had called on the U.S. to discontinue those “wrongdoings” and cases involving Chinese individuals and entities “as soon as possible.”

“In the list of wrongdoings, China urges the U.S. side to unconditionally revoke visa restrictions on members of the Communist Party of China and their family members, stop suppressing Chinese companies, stop harassing Chinese students overseas, stop attacking the Confucius Institute, remove the registration of Chinese media as foreign agents or foreign missions, and drop the extradition of Meng Wanzhou and so on,” Zhao said.

According to a State Department press release, Sherman “had a frank and open discussion about a range of issues, demonstrating the importance of maintaining open lines of communication between our two countries.”

Sherman raised a number of concerns from the U.S. side about Chinese actions, “Including Beijing’s anti-democratic crackdown in Hong Kong; the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang; abuses in Tibet; and the curtailing of media access and freedom of the press.”

Sherman also “spoke about our concerns about Beijing’s conduct in cyberspace; across the Taiwan Strait; and in the East and South China Seas.”

The Deputy Secretary also raised the cases of American and Canadian citizens detained in China or placed under exit bans. According to the State Department, Sherman told Chinese officials “people are not bargaining chips.”

On Monday, Zhao said the U.S. must stop “interfering in China’s internal affairs” and stop crossing the “red lines” and “playing with fire” on issues including investigating the origins of COVID-19, and matters involving Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Several point seem worthy of note here.  China’s approach is typical, domineering, blustering, threatening and demanding, which is what you would expect of a victorious power laying down victory conditions to a vanquished power.  At this point that is exactly what we are to them.  We could kick their backsides if there was somebody in charge with a spine.

That China can get the Puppet Dictatorship to bend the knee is not surprising, given that they are bought and paid for and were fellow Marxists to begin with.  But it doesn’t solve two big problems.  The first is internal to China.  Their economy is falling apart, they can’t feed their own people and their manufacturing is even more shoddy when it is meant for internal consumption than when it is meant for export; this includes the military.   Theirs is a low trust society in which every individual and every center if authority is pitted against every other, each putting their own interest above all other considerations.  Corruption, lying and cheating are rife, necessitating a strong central government to keep the whole thing from flying apart as it tends to do periodically.  It is on the verge of doing again.

The other problem is the American people.  The Puppeteers behind the Puppet in DC are trying desperately to cement their Revolutionary Coup with some form of legitimacy.  They don’t have it.  The more they try and force Americans to obey, the more Americans resist, prompting even more frenzied efforts to enforce their rules.  It is not working, and they know it.

China’s sustained victory in this war depends on the Democrats keeping power.  Ain’t gonna happen, even with totally rigged elections.  When the Puppet Dictatorship falls China’s victory is lost.  China knows this.  They also know that they cannot send troops over to bolster the Puppets.  I have heard quiet rumors about UN troops coming in to help put down all these right wing extremists.  Seriously!  We can see the language being prepared to demonize and outlaw the Donk’s political opposition.  If the Puppeteers introduce UN “peacekeepers” things will instantly get interesting in really unpleasant ways – mostly for them.

The bottom line is, we win, they lose.  Hopefully without a massive bloodletting, but either way America wins.  Winning, its just what we do.

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