Teachers Union Head Who Lobbied To Keep Your Kids Home Was Caught Taking His Kid To In-Person School

The Federalist has the story:

The president of a California teachers union advocating for prolonged, science-denying school closures is facing backlash after videos surfaced of him dropping off his young daughter at an in-person, private school.

In a video posted by a group called “Guerilla Momz,” Berkeley Federation of Teachers President Matt Meyer is seen escorting his child into an educational facility while wearing a sweatshirt displaying his union’s logo and name on Feb. 18. The school, Guerilla Momz claims, has been open and operating since June 2020.

Two things stand out here.  First, the obvious two tier “justice system” that imposes rules and regulations on the ordinary citizen from which our betters are exempt.  Second, as this is the very powerful Teachers Union that you would think would want their members to go to work you have to wonder what the discussion is among the puppeteers.  It would seem that there is a cost benefit discussion between two goods: the psychological damage to the children by keeping them apart on the one hand and the value of the indoctrination.  In neither case does the actual education of children figure into it.

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