1 Comment on “Sydney Powell to “release the kraken.”

  1. That’s because the Democrats are nothing but a bunch of Satan worshipers that want to take over the entire world and turn this into 1 world order, f*** all them Democrats rules about wearing masks not having Thanksgiving gatherings and not backing up the police they’re probably going to destroy Christmas too, everybody knows the United States is so corrupt that they would not let Trump win even though he got more votes than any other president in America history and people are f****** angry right now and they are all going to stand up. And I and many other people will be standing with them. If you actually counted all the votes in California I’ll bet you Trump won California many people don’t think so but there’s only one out of 30 or 40 people that voted for Biden did I even know. I voted for Trump twice and I hope to hell he gets back in office otherwise we’re all just f***** excuse my language but that’s my opinion

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