Some notes on Nathan Hochman vs. Eric Early

Did you know …
Nathan Hochman thinks government should increase federal government
regulations to prevent “climate change” and provide more incentives for”alternate energy production”.
Hochman advocates raising the federal minimum wage, and says “makeit a living wage”.  Really — how much?  $15 an hour?  $50 an hour?  And ensure  tens of thousands of Californians cannot find a job?  It appears he has greaterfaith in government than in our free market.
Should convicted criminals have the right to vote?  Yes, answers Hochman:”Every citizen has the right to vote”.  Major drug dealers?  Murderers?Child molesters?
Any doubts about Hochman’s positions?  Do you think my claims are basedon “feelings”, hearsay or second-hand rumors?  Check out his answerson the website ““.  Ask how any conservative Republicancould vote for that record?  Then make your own decision.
The primary choice is very clear: an anti-Trump district attorney “independent”in Sacramento, an uncertain and waffling “moderate” Republican, or a principled, proven and dedicated conservative:   ERIC EARLY

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