Sheep do not read the signs of the times – don’t be a sheep

Sheep do not read the signs of the times.  They go where they are told and spend their time with their heads down and their butts in the air.  The only see that they are surrounded by other sheep doing the same things so it must be right and all is well with the world.  They depend on their shepherds to take care of them.  People are a lot like this, we are social animals who are most comfortable when we mimic the people around us.  That is how we fit in.  We depend on our leaders to tell the influencers what’s up then we automatically follow those influencers.

That’s just how it is, how it has always been and always will be.  That’s human nature.  The devils who perpetrated the WuFlu plannedemic knew this and used it to achieve certain goals: mental control of the population not only in the U.S. but around the world.  They knew that if they used their power and wealth in certain ways, creating a brilliant (it must be admitted) psychological operation, they could achieve the enlsavement of the wold, where we would have nothing and be happy; good little sheep with our heads down and butts up in the air.

Your Irascible Correspondent has been jumping up and down (metaphorically speaking) for several years now, trying to get people to realize that our shepherds are paid agents of iniquity leading us to slaughter.  I have presented evidence from a wide variety of perspectives to strengthen the case that business as usual is a thing of the past.  The time is upon us in which we must break out of the herd and fight for our lives, the lives of our families and the life of our Republic.  We have only a brief window in which to act before the pen is completed.  Don’t be in the pen when the gate closes.

Below are the reflections of Michael Yon, retired Special Forces soldier, who is now one of the best war correspondents of out time, right up there with Lara Logan.  Today your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to prepare to survive.

People get hit by trains all the time. Not because trains are quiet or unpredictable. Trains are loud and highly predictable. We know exactly where trains happen: the tracks. Photographers are a favorite train food. Tracks are photographic attractive nuisance…railways naturally make great shots. And distractions.

Photographers don’t even have to vax to die suddenly on train tracks. Just web search for Photographer Dies Suddenly Train Tracks. Train tracks may have claimed more photographers than war, but my guess is the vax will claim more photographers than trains and wars combined.

Famines, like death jabs used as WMD, do not just creep up like a tiger in the night. Clear signs are everywhere.

Famines typically announce themselves from far away for those who listen. A wildebeest stampede. Loud. Signs everywhere.

Chooo chooo! Often trains can be seen miles away from the other side of the valley. And yet photographers are frequently smashed. Attracted, distracted, dead.

These famines unfolding are making a Lion King stampede. Loud. Massive. Obvious. And yet it seems the vast majority of the world still does not see the clouds of dust and smoke raising as fire drives millions of stampeding souls. For the unwary and distracted, if the stampede does not get them, the fire will.

Go online and spend an hour shopping for food. You will see tons out of stock. Maybe what you want is out of stock. No problem. You substitute. As do millions of others. Since you don’t actually go hungry, and lack the context of endless more portentous clues, the increasing amounts of substitution are a nuisance but nothing more.

I just finished reading another famine book.

We are going through the Substitution, Reduction, and Disruption phase I see in all these books. There are no names for these phases. Nobody seems to have made a PhD study on famine. So I call it Substitutions, Reductions, Disruptions phase.

People become accustomed to Substitutions to the point it’s the new normal, and sort of forget about it. Prices continue to increase to the point where most people are Reducing overall consumption. Such as skipping meals. One Meal Per Day is no longer optional intermittent fasting. But a new reality.

Substitution and disruption are not limited to foods but also medicines, car tires, and systemically more things than not.

And then come Disruptions such as skyrocketing crime, energy outages, and transportation disruptions.

Now we enter increasingly positive feedback loop. Increasing fire releases increasing heat creates more fire. Stampede. Human Osmotic Pressure — mass migrations spread pestilence such as epidemic typhus, adding heat to the loop.

Time unfolds. During advanced stages, many items not available at any price.

Importantly…we are bidding against EXTREMELY wealthy people, nations, entities who also need the supplies or simply are predatory. The average person is bidding against millionaires, who bid against billionaires and larger.

Some giant entity might suddenly buy billions of dollars worth of food and take it off the market for now. Literally buy ships at sea. Similar happened during the early stages of pandemic. Rice or other foodstuffs were sailing one direction, and while the ship was at sea someone bid higher. Ship diverted, sailing to another port. Ships can be ‘hijacked’ with a phone call and wire transfer.

Would WEF members do this to both increase the famines and the value of the cargo they hijacked with money? Of course they would. They are intentionally creating famine.

Ships filled with fertilizer, grain, whatever. Just buy it. These things happened just less than two years ago and will happen again.

A serious literary agent called me yesterday about writing book on this stuff.

In this post I am expressing my First Amendment right of #FreeSpeech

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