Sex With Children: The Gender Ideology End Game

Rod Dreher’s short piece at The American Conservative presents an illuminating and terrifying picture of the Left’s end game.  Except your Irascible Correspondent does not believe Dreher gets all the way to bottom of the plot, as I will make clear below.

Irene Montero, a Communist who is the Minister of Equality in the left-wing Podemos government in Spain, says the quiet part out loud: that equality means children have the right to have sex if they want to. Here’s the clip, in Spanish, but with English subtitles (turn on the CC on the YouTube frame):

This is it. This is the end game of these queer theorists and gender ideologues: the sexualization of children. It was always going to end up here. This is what all these drag queen story hours mean, and these “family-friendly drag shows”. It’s all about sexualizing children and grooming them to become prey for pedophiles — sorry, “Minor-Attracted Persons.”

Did they even go this far in Weimar Germany?

How much more of this are we prepared to tolerate?

I note that Hungary is hated by some Western European governments because it will not put up with this crap — because the Hungarians have understood from the beginning what is at the heart of this corruption. Balazs Orban writes:

Karl Popper, the intellectual mentor of George Soros and the father of the Open Society ideology, views reproductive rights as a weapon for “class struggle”. He who controls family policy and reproductive rights controls the future, which is why the left is so preoccupied with the issue of parenting and child-rearing.

As they started spreading this woke nonsense in Hungary, our government decided to act. Last year, the Hungarian Parliament passed the Child Protection Act, enshrining into law that the right of sexual education of children belongs exclusively to parents, and our kids must be protected from age-inappropriate content in the media and on the internet. With the passing of this legislation, Hungary went from being the black sheep of the European Union to being the punching bag for second-tier Western European politicians, who consequently decided to halt EU financial transfers to which Hungary is legally entitled.

We decided to hold a referendum with the aim of proving what we already knew: that the majority of Hungarians agree with the government’s position on this issue, namely on the question of holding sexual orientation classes in schools without parental consent, promotion of hormone and castration treatments on minors, and unrestricted exposure of our children to sexually explicit media content. The result spoke for itself. With one of the highest turnouts in the history of Hungarian referenda, 92 percent of voters claimed that they support the legislation restricting minors’ exposure to such content in public schools.

What did the EU do? They punished Hungary even further. European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen effectively admitted yesterday that the EU pursues phony “rule of law” charges against Poland and Hungary to punish the people of those countries for electing right-wing governments of which the EU does not approve.

These Eurocrats screamed bloody murder when the Hungarian parliament passed the anti-gender propaganda for minors law, but do you think Von Der Leyen or Brussels will say a word about what this Spanish left-wing minister of state has said about child sex? Of course not.

Meanwhile, here in America, Matt Walsh and his allies are exposing the sick cult of child sex mutilation that has overtaken American medicine, and is daring the Republican Party to man up and do something about it to protect children.

The aim here is to first destroy the bonds of authority, understanding and trust between parents and children.  Parents are naturally going to be horrified at this agenda and will try to shield their kids from it – unless they are already mind-wiped by Liberal propaganda.  So when the parent gets upset and the child doesn’t feel understood at home, he will receive plenty of understanding and support at school.  Once the child transfers his trust and loyalty from the parents to the school the school has become the moral and spiritual parent of that child.  Meanwhile the natural parents are not even aware that they have lost their child and are now just providers of room and board.
But there’s more. Once the school becomes the trusted ally and the child is at odds with the parents it is easy to represent the parents’ entire culture, history, religion and nation as evil.  Children do not have the information and mental machinery to analyze what is happening and thus are very malleable.  The children will take this all in, and their loathing of all things parental will grow, it will become an indelible feature of their mental landscape.
Worse, the whole process is traumatic to the child, leading to physical health issues, mental health issues,  personality disorders, psychological disorders and identity crises.  It is very difficult to heal from these kinds of wounds even partially and then with great effort.  The Left knows this and proceeds intentionally, it is an important part of their method.  People who suffer from these kinds of  problems are in great psychic pain and seek solace in addictions, compulsive activities to numb the pain.  They are also very angry, blaming their difficulties on the culture they have been taught to hate in school.  Such people are useful to the Progressive’s goals.
These then grow up to become the maddened hordes that Marxist demagogues can whip into killing frenzies and be pointed at the the individuals, institutions, nations and cultures that obstruct the Marxists’ path to power.  We have seen a great deal of this in recent years: the Ferguson riots, the Brett Cavanaugh hearings, the George Floyd riots, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, to name a few.  There will be more – many more.
The issue is never the issue with these monsters.  The issue is always and everywhere the violent overthrow of the government and its replacement by a naked totalitarian dictatorship, the beginnings of which can see today.
And when it is all over and the Marxists are in full control, these poor, wounded people they have groomed to be their shock troops will be discarded with extreme prejudice.  Now the question before us is, will America have the spine to save our own children?

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