Rampant voter fraud in Minnesota caught on camera

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Our Brave Insider, Omar Jamal, came forward and exposed hard evidence of systemic Voter Fraud taking place in his state.
The evidence that Jamal secured was instrumental in exposing the corruption implicating Rep. Ilhan Omar and her associates.
Here are the highlights from today’s video:
  • Source: “She’s [Ilhan Omar] The One Who Came Up with All This [Pay-For-Vote], the Community. She’s the One.”
  • Osman Ali Dahquane: “The Money Comes from the Candidates Running for Office.” 
  • Osman Ali Dahquane: “A Lot of People Will go to Jail if this Continues this way…If This Continues This Direction, Many People Will Go to Prison, Or No One Will Vote in the City of Minneapolis. It is very, very corrupt.”
  • Osman Ali Dahquane: “The Black Guy [Antone Meton-Meaux] Has Most of the Money…But, We Took the Money From Him, And We Voted for Ilhan…They [Ilhan Omar’s Political Machine] Spent A Lot Money. I Was Given Money, So I Could Vote…$800.”
  • Project Veritas Insider Omar Jamal: “Some of the Techniques that He [Omar Staffer Ali Isse Gainey] Uses To Exchange Money for Votes; And that’s Not A Secret. It’s Open, And Everybody Knows About It.”
  • Insider Omar Jamal: Ilhan Omar Operatives Escort Voters into Booths. “They Help Us [Voters] at the Voting Booth. They [Poll Workers] Allow Them To Help Us…They [Operatives] Go Inside With Us and Help Us…They [Operatives] Do the Voting.
Watch our latest video here:
The question is, what are the authorities going to do about this?
Will Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison investigate this wide-scale Voter Fraud?
Will US Attorney General William Barr get involved to protect the country’s election integrity?
Stay Tuned,
James O’Keefe
This is why it is so important to vote IN PERSON if you possibly can.  Vote by mail is totally compromised and likely absentee balloting is too.  Early voting is not yet open in Los Angeles County, but you can get more information at the County Registrar Recorder’s site.
Be sure and check your registration, there have been dirty games played there as well.

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