Quo vadis, America?

Where are you going, America?  You started out as a rambunctious, apple cheeked experiment in individual liberty and self government, are you to end the pallid and trembling thrall of an alien death cult?  Once you elected men to serve your collective will, now your elected representatives are your jailers who suck your blood and sell you to your enemies.  Once millions sought your embrace for liberty’s sake, hope and opportunity, now they flock like vultures to batten on your bloated corpse.  Is this how it is to end?

America as we have known it is ending, has perhaps already ended.  The question before us is, Shall we quit and sink into eternal darkness, or shall we defy the fate laid out for us, rise and begin anew?

America as we have known it, the ever growing welfare state sliding into despotism and bankruptcy, corrupted by the greed and lust of the Socialist slavers, is certainly dying.  Soon it will be as dead as the America of Washington and Lincoln, for America today is not the America of yore.  The death rattle is in Socialist America’s throat even as you read these lines.  Khrushchev was almost right; “We will bury you.”  Certainly the ideas and agents Marxism have been killing us, the prelude to burial.  Close as they have come to destroying America they have not succeeded, nor will they.

All over this country millions of people are alive to the danger and are discussing the situation with friends and family.  Millions of men and women are defying the Deep State’s claim to total victory and organizing locally.  Every weekend thousands of men and women are shouting their contempt for the Puppet in Chief.  Thousands of small groups are networking and organizing, stiffening their resolve to resist the Revolutionary Junta at every level.  People are challenging the Marxist stooges at every level, from the Federal right down to the school boards.  We the People are rising and are beginning to have a salutary effect on the issues being addressed.

They sought to eviscerate the soul of America under cover of playing victim, and preened in the luster of their false virtue.  Now that they are meeting opposition they cry about how unfair it is that their cover has been pulled.  They fabricate lies to make us ashamed to speak, but we have uncovered their lies and are calling them out.  And they hate it.  For some time now they have been working to redefine anybody who opposes them as domestic terrorists.  That is a clear indication that we are on target.

Their stratagems are increasingly ineffective, everything they try turns in their hands and wounds them and their failing cause.  We are winning but we still have a long, hard fight ahead of us.  Our weapons are truth, determination and mutual support.  What the world will look like when we’ve won nobody know.  It will be a very different place in many ways, but America will live on.

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