Prop 1 – Most Californians oppose late term abortion

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Rasmussen Poll Shows abortion facts alarm average Californians

A Rasmussen Poll released yesterday “finds that only 13% of California likely voters believe abortion should be legal at any time during pregnancy up to the moment of birth.  Fourteen percent (14%) think abortion should be legal up to six months of pregnancy, while 32% say abortion should be legal up to three months of pregnancy. Nineteen percent (19%) believe abortion should only be legal during the first month of pregnancy, while 14% think all abortions should be illegal. (To see survey question wording, click here.) But these proposals will be enshrined into law under California’s Proposition 1.

Proposition 1 is actually ANTI CHOICE!

It will prohibit any future laws protecting women from abortion. It will guarantee the current unlimited-funding of abortion; tourist abortions; it will ensure the continuation of late-term abortions that are not done for any medical reason. It will guarantee the government’s continued opposition and work to silence crisis pregnancy centers. Their purpose is to promote only abortion as the definition of what ‘fulfills’ a woman. Unlimited abortion, for them, is the summation of ‘women’s rights.’ The are lying about the implications of Prop. 1.

Proposition 1 will allow no protections of women’s or babies’ health throughout pregnancy in California!

California’s radical, pro-abortion legislature is forcing itself into the Constitution of our state! This November, unlimited and uncontrolled abortion will be at the top of the ballot!( Read more) Please join the fight to get the facts known!
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They lied about Roe then. They are lying about Roe now

They want MUCH more.
This episode of LIFE MATTERS takes a clear-eyed look at what is truly at stake in this tumultuous post-Roe Environment. Our Chairman, Commissioner Brian Johnston, always takes an incisive view of the Right to Life.
This important episode (284) of the Life Matters Radio program is well worth the listen. Episode 285 goes deeper still. This is a unique time in American history. You were born to stand in this moment.
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Why should they fight for your values, if you simply ignore the battle?

EVERY primary and general election, the most accessible offices often go ignored. BUT California ProLife Council and Right to Life Federation (our full legal name) has always urged you to understand and get involved in civics.  Elections change things.
This coming election is fast approaching. Will PP have a school-based, abortion promoting, ‘sex clinic’ in your schools? If you do nothing they will. What will be taught in your schools? What grants will your city ‘hand out’ with your money? PP gets any grants from city and county funds.
 All politics is local.
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