Prayer for the leadership of the LAGOP day 2

Heavenly Father, in your mercy look kindly on your people who turn their expectant eyes to You.  I take personal responsibility for my failure to exercise my civic authority to keep informed about what my elected representatives have been doing and holding them to account.  For too long I have allowed the those who should have been representing my interests to dictate their interests to me and did nothing about it.  I confess this terrible lapse and humbly beg Your forgiveness.  I therefore pray You to bless the leadership particularly of the Republican Party here in Los Angeles County.  Grant them wisdom and humility, courage and a servant’s heart.  Grant me the grace to be of assistance to them in whatever way You see fit that the whole People may prosper and live without fear.  I ask, please, that You grant this for the good of Your People and the glory of Your Name.  Amen

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