Population replacement theory is not theoretical, its a plan

Chuck the Schmuck Schumer got up on the Senate floor to denounce Tucker Carlson as divisive and racist for pointing out the facts.  Schmuckie misses two key points: first, Americans are coming to believe their own lying eyes more and more and lying politicians less and less; second, like the boy that cried “wolf” too often the term “racist” has lost its power to shame people into silent compliance.  The times, they are ‘a changing.

Here’s Tucker’s opening from the other night:

Here’s Schmuckie pretending to be outraged by Tucker:

Tucker is correct in saying that massive immigration, most especially illegal immigration, creates massive divisions in a society.  It should be clear to everybody by now that the Democrat support for illegal immigration has always been about strengthening the Democrat voter base, not strengthening the social fabric of the country.  By dumping assimilation in favor of diversity the Dems have created the perfect storm of divide and conquer, the principal weapon in their strategic arsenal.

Your Irascible Correspondent, the son of an American Consul, grew up mostly in Mexico.  I am fluent in Spanish and can move comfortably in Hispanic society.  And I am here to tell you that there is a Hispanic society that exists and thrives within but apart from mainstream American society.  This is true of all immigrant communities whether legal or not, they prefer to live amongst their own kind.  This enables them to establish themselves and thrive often with limited contact with mainstream America.  Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Little Armenia and many, many others are very helpful to new immigrants finding a place in the United States.  Historically, up to about forty years ago, about 25% of immigrants couldn’t get comfortable and voluntarily returned to their places of origin.

With the advent of diversity the Democrats have created a series of “voter plantations” that they have found very useful.  By encouraging these people to retain their own language and culture they keep these people corralled in ethnic bastions requiring third party professionals to mediate between the groups and the wider American culture.  Professionals who are largely trained and supported by Democrat activists and funded by Tax dollars promised and doled out by Democrat politicians in exchange for votes.  For all of my professional life I have worked in and around the Hispanic community and have seen this up close and personal.  I say that the Democrats are provably the racists by maintaining and exploiting these people isolated in their ethnic communities for political gain.

The Democrats decry the idea of Replacement Theory as a racist, Republican, white supremacist lie.  They are the liars.  If Schmuckie SChumer was melting down over Tucker’s remarks ti was because truth hurts, and having your lies exposed hurts even more.

Revolver News helpfully points out:

In the words of Gab’s Andrew Torba, “The Great Replacement isn’t a ‘theory’ it’s a well documented and published plan.”

Read this document from the UN — Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?

This UN document was apparently scrubbed from the internet.  Torba located it in the Internet Archive, as you can see in the link above.  You can download the pdf at this link.

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