Planned food shortages on the way, can you say Victory Garden?

Your Irascible Correspondent has just received probable confirmation that the Let’s go Brandon mail order Administration has ordered three important railroads to cease delivery of feed grains to dairy farms.  Likely this will include all forms of meat producers, beef, pork and poultry.  If this is true, and there is good reason to believe it, then the dairy and meat producers will have to drastically cull their stock.

Meat and dairy producers will have a certain amount of feed onsite, but that will be gone in three months at most.  By then herds and flocks will have to be drastically culled.  That will result in shortages of eggs, dairy products, and meats of all kinds.

Whereas it is true that grain harvests in the American breadbasket are disappointing this year due to drought, the Biden mal-administration is doing everything possible to exacerbate the situation.  America will be facing real, widespread and enduring hunger for the first time in generations, and quite possibly – probably – starvation, particularly in the large urban areas.  99% of the food in large urban areas has to be trucked in, here in the Los Angeles metro we can expect severe shortages along with riots, brigandage and destruction.  The 2019 and 2020 riots staged by Black Lives Matter and Antifa were practice runs, what’s coming will be worse.  Truckers, already under stress by fuel prices, will think twice about making deliveries where they stand a good chance of being liberated of their cargoes, their rigs and their lives.

By the way, have a look at, what does that tell you?  Hint: before you can Build Back Better you must first destroy what is already there.  Kind of reminds me of Solve et Coagula.  Not for me, thanks.

Famine is one of the hallmarks of Socialism, to go along with terror, mass murder and endless failure.  It is such a great tool for getting rid of unwanted classes of people and for controlling the rest.  Who better than the government to solve the famine the government created?  People become so complaisant when they are hungry and you offer them food.

They will search out hoarders, they will confiscate whatever they find and whatever you grow on your own land, they will take your pets.  You will comply, or starve.

They think they can starve us into submission. That will only be true only if we let them.

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