Our chickens appear to be under attack

From Gab via Michael Yon:

Matthew Bracken@Matt_Bracken

[Great comment by Freeper “Salvavida” from the Free Republic “Hens Not Laying” thread I just posted]

I am late to the party, but I can confirm my hens stopped laying eggs in September 2022. Then a friend suggested tainted chicken feed by Tractor Supply Company, and I started doing some research……and wha-lah! It all fits. It is run by globalists. The chicken farmers are posting, talking about the same thing.


I also noted the MSM came out with articles saying “these aren’t the droids you are looking for,” listing reasons why hens stop laying. Sorry, not nation-wide at the same time. Something is amiss and it isn’t a conspiracy theory. A cabal is attacking us (you already knew that); more sinister than Redcoats intent on seizing black powder from colonial militias. This is seizure of money and nutrition from our families.

As such, instead of talking about news, here are my recommendations:

1. I recommend a permanent thread on FOOD SUPPLY INTERRUPTION. This will be a long fight and having data in one place will be helpful; some FReepers will step up and make this a category they exclusively post on. They are not going to stop with chicken feed.

2. Establish a permanent RED, WHITE, and BLUEPRINT thread that has the the Shasta County California model for taking back the country. IMHO, we lose if we don’t follow their example. Meetings in living rooms and around camp fires need to happen in every county. Build the patriot militia and take over county seats.

3. Contact trusted Congressman and state representatives. I would specifically contact Senator Rand Paul, as he is a scientist and probably one of our most trusted allies, along with VA state delegate Nick Freitas and NC LtGov Mark Robinson. That activity should happen on the state boards.

There is a great opportunity for a patriot entrepreneur to fill in what Dr Steve Turley calls, “the parallel patriot economy.” That in itself might be a worthwhile thread.

For the intelligence folks, a suggested Collection Requirement: Report on the confirmation of the manipulation of feed for all livestock.

For the faithful in Christ, let your elders and deacons know so that they pray and engage church networks for further conversations. Bring the darkness into the light.

Your News adds to the story with remarks by chicken farmers.
[some Twitter, TicToc and other media with chicken farmers discussing the egg situation.]

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