Newsweek suffers a flash of sanity

Newsweek, an honored member of the leftist propaganda machine, has suffered a traumatic flash of sanity.  In the May 19, 2021 issue they ran a editorial with this headline: To Address America’s Declining Birth Rate, We Need a Culture of Life.

Oops!  I should have warned you to sit down first.  My bad.

mericans aren’t having kids like they used to. The most recent census shows that the U.S. birth rate has hit its lowest level since 1979. In fact, the birth rate has fallen almost every year since 1991. Today, at just 1.64 births per woman, American families aren’t even having enough babies to meet the replacement rate of 2.1 births.

Our plummeting birth rate is a complex issue, of course. But it presents a unique problem for our country. We need to view this trend as a part of a broad and deeply concerning cultural drift away from the importance of the family.

The family is the fundamental unit of society. A country is only as strong as its cities, cities are only as strong as their neighborhoods and neighborhoods are only as strong as the families that live in them. There’s a reason the Bible says children are “like arrows in the hands of a warrior.” Nations, societies, religions and communities can only be sustained if families are stable and healthy.

But raising a family is hard, and not just economically or financially. Aspiring parents need things like job security and health care, that’s for sure. But they also need a robust life-respecting culture that supports mothers, encourages fathers and inspires young couples to raise families.

Well, yeah!  ‘Bout time somebody woke up and smelled the canary in the coal mine, to scramble a metaphor.  Get over there, read the rest and be amazed.

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