More Pootie-Poot and his (and our) Ukrainian problem

Here’s a curious fact, the US has built and funded at least a dozen biological research labs in Ukraine, labs where research is done on very dangerous pathogens, labs where reportedly some of the test subjects are members of the Ukrainian armed forces.  Oh, and the US Department of State has just recently been scrubbing information about these labs from their website.

So what is the Russia!  Russia!  Russia! ballyhoo about?  Probably to get us all distracted from what’s happening here at home.  Notably inflation, financial collapse, supply chain breakdowns, a political class that is as incompetent as it is corrupt (or is it the other way around?) and the fact that the Democrat Party Communist Party UniParty Demonic Party is fighting tooth and nail to hold on to the “right” to “fortify” the 2022 midterms (and all subsequent “elections”) on the QT forever.  They just might do it, too.  Likely it will be Russia!  Russia!  Russia! till it gets pretty well shop worn, then when the CCP goes after Taiwan, then it’ll be China!  China!  China! till we wake up one fine day in November and rediscover what the party of satan and his minions have done this time.

Stock up on food, water, ammo and stay away from crowds.

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