More La Canada subversive teachers – parents react – the School Board reacts

I have no idea how this guy gets the drop on these treacherous teachers, but I am glad he does.  I have to wonder at how it is that these teachers haven’t learned the first rule of holes.  They just keep on digging!

Your Irascible Correspondent was present at that meeting and confirms what Vi Lancer says, partial account and analysis can be found hereVi Lancer’s BitChute channel can be found here. where you can view all his exposés.  These are windows into what is happening not just in La Canad but into what is happening all over Los Angeles County, California and the nation.

Concerned parents and community members are invited to attend a zoom meeting to discuss the nature of these teachings and strategies for turning them back at the link below:

Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agenda

By all means share with interested people.

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