As a dyed in the wool naval history buff your Irascible Correspondent is compelled to once again reflect on this, the 80th anniversary of the battle of Midway and the lessons to be learned from the US Navy’s decisive defeat of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s redoubtable Kido Butai.  Up to this point in the war American and Allied forces had been subjected to an unrelenting series of defeats; Pearl Harbor, fall Wake Island, fall of Corregidor, Bataan death march, Coral Sea, fall of Hong Kong, fall of Singapore, fall of Java.

To be sure there were great and costly struggles ahead, but from Midway on America was on the offensive and Japanese forces were not able to claim any clear victory, gradually lost the initiative and so eventually the war.  American commanders learned more about the nature of their enemy, the new kind of war being waged, strengthened their weak points, developed new tactics and leveraged every advantage to achieve victory.

But at Midway all that was in the future.  Before Midway the Japanese had very good reason to be confident that they were  on an unstoppable roll.  The Japanese high command thought that Americans were demoralized and would be unwilling to meet them in battle.  They thought the Americans were so weak that they would have to lured out to fight.  What they did not know was that America, and particularly America’s fighting men, were burning for revenge.

That fire in the belly propelled American forces to endure not only the defeats that they had until then sustained, but the horrific Guadalcanal campaign, the Salamaua-Lae campaign, the New Georgia campaign, the Bougainville  campaign, the New Britain campaign, the Marianas campaign, Saipan, Guam, Tinian, Peleliu, Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima, Okinawa all the way to Japan’s unconditional surrender.  And the American people at home backed them 100% with that same fire.

In our own day November 3, 2020 was our Pear Harbor.  It was at that point that the American people became aware that we had been attacked with a new kind of attack, an attack on our electoral system.  Immediately the Revolutionary Junta that had planned and prepared that attack began to try and consolidate their victory.

They expected that by censoring any mention of their attack, that by constantly proclaiming their victory as legitimate, that by severely punishing dissent, that by trying to discredit and disqualify any opposition, that by attacking patriot leaders, they would have persuaded the American people to acquiesce to their coup by the beginning of Autumn of 2021.  As we know, these traitors have utterly failed to compel America to quietly submit to their rule.

On the contrary, awareness of the fraud continues to grow.  America is engaged in a struggle to expose the facts of the fraud, how it was done, why and by whom.  We were felled by a cabal of Communists both foreign and domestic allied to globalist billionaires who seek to enslave America to serve their lust for power, control and wealth.

The weapons of this war are not guns and bombs, but truth and a continuing, legitimate demand for accountability.  It is our task, as it was the task of Americans in WWII, to face and defeat the foe.  Like them we will face grave difficulties and failures before victory is achieved.

Every lie they tell must be exposed.  Every sneaky trick must be exposed.  Every secret plot must be exposed.  Every corrupt deal must be exposed.  These revelations must be made public and circulated as widely as possible, supported by the best available evidence and the people and organizations involved held to account.  This must be a work of the We the People.  By that is meant you and me.  Not the military, the courts, the police or the politicians.

The fact is that our elected representatives and appointed officials fear us.  That is the reason they are doing all this censoring, threatening, lying and hiding the truth.  They know that they cannot survive exposure and demands for accountability.  Even those supposedly on our side hate it when We the People scrutinize them and force them to do the jobs we hired them to do.  They intimidate us only because they are terrified of us.  We the People  have the power, if only we choose to use it.

No one is coming to save us.  President Trump is not going to save us.  The military is not going to save us.  The courts are not going to save us.  The police are not going to save us.  The Republicans are not going to save us.  With the exception of the first all the rest, with VERY few exceptions, have been corrupted and are working to conceal and protect the “bipartisan cabal that fortified the election.”

That’s the bad news, nobody is coming to save us.  The good news is that the army that will save us is already on the field of battle.  That’s us.  It may well prove to be the case that the 2022 Midterms will be our Midway.  The war will not be over, but a turning point reached from which America’s enemies will never fully recover, leading to their ultimate defeat.

Get to work.

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