Mark Levin interviews Sydney Powell

This interview is from January 2019.  Reviewing this sets the legal battles faced by Trump Administration officials into perspective.  You will recall that Sydney Powell is defending General Flynn who the Democrats are desperate to keep quiet.  But it is possible that things will be breaking bad for Mr. Weissmann soon; Former FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith Made Andrew Weissmann’s Nightmares Come True By Pleading Guilty.

Clinesmith is charged with having altered the contents of an email from a CIA Liason on the subject of whether Carter Page had a historical relationship with the CIA.  In April 2017, the existence of a FISA warrant against Page had been leaked to the press by a Senate official working for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  With the press reporting that he was suspected of being a Russian Agent, Page began giving interviews to address the question and disclosed that for several years he had been reporting to the CIA on his contacts with suspected Russian intelligence officials.  In fact, in 2013 Page had cooperated with the FBI in the identification, investigation, and prosecution of three such Russian intelligence officers.

While preparing the third application to extend the Page FISA warrant, an FBI supervisor tasked Clinesmith to contact the CIA and find out if there was any truth to the statements Page was making in the press.  Up to that point in time, the FBI had not communicated any information to the FISA Court about Page’s past involvement with US intelligence agencies — although they did use the fact that he had come into the orbit of Russian intelligence officials in 2013 as a basis to support the claim he was “wittingly or unwittingly” assisting Russian intelligence efforts during the 2016 campaign.

Clinesmith did communicate with the CIA as directed, but before he forwarded the CIA email to the Supervisor as directed, he altered the text that had been written by the CIA Liason to include the definitive phrase “is not a source” with regard to Page.  Based on that, the Supervisor did not advise the FISC court about anything having to do with Page’s historical relationship with the CIA.

These people are scum.  Re-elect Donald Trump just to see them swing.

Here’s Mark and Sydney.  Enjoy.

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