Mandating the “vaccine”

Quite a few government agencies, schools and businesses are requiring their employees to get vaccinated or get fired.  Whereas some States have pushed back against this move more or less effectively the ultimate authority on whether anyone accepts or rejects the “vaccine” is each individual themselves.  However many organizations don’t see it that way, and want to insist on the vaccine either for the safety of the enterprise’s employees and customers despite the increasing number of adverse reactions being reported.  This puts working people in a terrible quandary, risk the potential adverse reaction including death or continue to work and support themselves and their families.  This is made even worse because by the fact that at the moment anyone who suffers a bad reaction to the injection is completely on their own; Federal law prohibits suing the manufacturer, the courts have not upheld the rights of victims against their employers and the can get no relief from their own medical insurance or the state disability system.

Corey of Corey’s Digs offers us a tool to remedy that situation.  She has developed form for students attending collages or universities requiring Covid-19 injections and a separate form for employees whose employers are requiring Covid-19 injections.  Click on the images below to go the appropriate page and get the form.









In addition, she provides a detailed Family Financial Disclosure Form for Covid-19 Injections which everyone who is considering taking the shot or has a family member considering taking the shot ought to complete.  Your Irascible Correspondent who is in no way intending to take the injection (and neither is the Ravishing Wife) will review and complete the from simply because it covers so many medical and financial realities so well.  You can get it by clicking the image below.

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