Making a list, checking it twice

This is the kind of thing that has always irritated your Irascible Correspondent, discrediting the entirety of a person’s work because of a typo.  I’ve never supported that kind of thinking, probably because I am a better typoist than typist.  The Gateway Pundit carries the story: Radical Wisconsin Judge Attacks Special Counsel Investigating Elections – Rules Election Investigators Misspelled a Word in an Email and “Deserving of Punitive Damages”

Last year the Wisconsin State Assembly sanctioned an investigation into 2020 election fraud. The Special Counsel (OSC) team of investigators has been attacked with lawfare since that time. They currently face 9 different lawsuits from the left intended to derail or impede the election investigation. Some involve records requests and others, including efforts by the radical Democrat WI State Attorney General Josh Kaul, are to block election investigation subpoenas. Here’s one example.

To regular Americans, the below OSC response on Dec. 4th, 2021 to a records request is perfectly fine and professional. It even includes PDF files fulfilling some of the requested records. But according to Judge Remington, the OSC email was too short, only 3 sentences. The more egregious offense was the misspelling of ONE word. On February 2nd, Dane County Circuit Judge Frank Remington found the Wisconsin OSC team to be “unconsidered” and having “irrational conduct” over this email response.

The arrogance of these people is infuriating.  Makes me want to make lists.

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