Major intelligence coup for US against China

A few weeks ago it was reported that a high level scientist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology had defected to the US.  This seems to have been disinformation.  Turns out the Chief of Chinese Counter Intelligence (#1 Chinese spy catcher) defected with this daughter on the pretext of taking her to study at a university in the US.  Instead he very quietly turned himself over to the Defense Intelligence Agency and NOT to the FBI or the CIA or any other US intelligence agency.  The DIA kept him under wraps so successfully that not only were the CIA and FBI unaware of his presence in the country, but Sec. State Anthony Blinken had no idea what the Chinese delegation he met with in Alaska earlier this year were talking about when they demanded said spy catcher be returned.   This is a huge coup for America and a huge problem for the CCP.

This is also indicative of a clandestine war within the US power structure in which some elements of the military are acting independently of and (perhaps) in opposition to those elements of the intelligence community, other branches of government and the military known to have been corrupted.  Now must begin the long and painstaking evaluation of this man’s data to insure he is not a double agent.  A good sign is that he brought his daughter so she cannot be held hostage in China, bur can serve as a hostage here.  Time to re read John le Carré.

The Western Journal carries the story.

In early June, RedState editor Jennifer Van Laar broke an exclusive story: Sources within the intelligence community had confirmed to the outlet that a high-ranking official from the Chinese Communist Party had defected to the United States in February and has been quietly working with the Defense Intelligence Agency.

However, the DIA did not disclose the defector’s existence to any individuals outside of its Clandestine Service network until recently, the sources alleged, over concerns that “Chinese spies or sources” may have infiltrated other U.S. intelligence agencies, including as the FBI or the CIA.

According to the RedState report, the sources said “the defector has direct knowledge of special weapons programs in China, including bioweapons programs.”

They reportedly told Redstate that the individual had “provided an extensive, technically detailed debrief to US officials” and that DIA officials consider the information “legitimate.”

Additionally, RedState reported that “U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) personnel detailed to DIA have corroborated very technical details of information provided by the defector.”

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