Los Angeles DA tells all about Soros’ nationwide strategy to undermine law and order…

Jennifer Van Laar lays out the fruit of her research:

🧵 Did you know that LA County DA George Gascón is not only Soros-funded, but that he STARTED the Progressive Prosecutor Project w/Soros and convinced him to provide $50M in seed funding to the ACLU in 2014 to get it started? He spoke about it in 2020 at USC. Here are a few clips 
“We started looking at a map of the US, trying to identify strategically, what are the urban centers…one of the convos was, how do we go about creating a movement here? Which led to Open Societies Foundation, George Soros’ foundation, putting $50M in 2014 thru ACLU to begin it” 
Why wasn’t he as radical as SF DA? “You have to progressively… a lot of things that are acceptable today, in 2011 would have gotten me – there would have been a recall two years after I was in office, and I didn’t want to get recalled because that doesn’t get the work done.” 

The way the ACLU’s press release about the $50 million was worded, it wasn’t apparent that’s what this was for – but Gascon admitted it. By partnering w/ACLU they could use ACLU’s existing groundgame network.

This org, Fair and Just Prosecution, is the “research” arm of the Progressive Prosecutor Project. Read up, and put your decoding glasses on first.

This isn’t solely a Dem issue. Tori Verber-Salazar, who was GOP last I checked, is featured prominently

And she was furious when the recall petition failed, and so she did even more research.

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🧵Buckle up, folks. After reading about the poll showing Gascon would have lost by over 20% if the recall got to the ballot, I’m even more furious that the consultants/committee didn’t do their job. So, here are some of the promised receipts. Posting here as an individual… Perhaps if the consultants had focused getting the job done instead of on petty retribution -in the form of using the cell phone # of a woman the cmte had a beef w/as the number of origin for a 6/17 robocall the campaign sent out- they would have delivered the VALID sigs needed

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Little-known fact: This guy, Mohammed Nuru, used to threaten Public Works employees in a welfare-to-work program with losing their jobs if they didn’t vote for Gavin Newsom for SF Mayor. Hey @GavinNewsom, tell us again how you feel about bullies? Here’s the story on electioneering… is it any surprise that Willie Brown is also one of this guy’s benefactors?

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I was just gonna ignore this crap, but… nope. Game on. The big disconnect is that the political consultants think they’re extra special smart and that no one else can figure out how to do this rocket science they’re doing. Wrong. Each campaign is a start-up. Each cause or candidate is a product. You have to sell it to enough ppl.
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This is just stunning. “We didn’t lose harder, so give us props” and, “Jennifer’s reporting is false, but our failure rate is normal for a petition drive just like she said – and much higher than we needed it to be to qualify.” ummm ok Also, I’m glad Lineberger brought up the financials. Only 9% went to overhead? Well, let’s see the financials from July 1 through today. Including ALL OUTSTANDING INVOICES
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🧵Uncovering interesting things abt the parties/companies involved in Recall George Gascon petition. According to this, Let the Voters Decide, the sig gathering firm in Gascon recall, was running a Soros-backed voter “rights” bill in MI at the same time .. which seems odd given that Gascon is the OG Soros prosecutor and actually convinced Soros to start the Progressive Prosecutor Project.

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Hmmm… so this is fun @RoxanneHoge. In her Feb 2020 newsletter, posted on or after 2/17, Ferrer says risk of community transmission in LA is low and we should go about our lives without masks … 1/ Even though docs at LAC+USC had already seen a weird spike in “flu” that month – except those patients didn’t test positive for flu. Docs knew by mid-March that mitigation efforts were doomed to fail. So what is

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