Let this American girl be a warning to our enemies

Not the Bee carries the story:

What’s on your schedule this week? Work? Recreation? Escaping a life-threatening situation and turning in your captor who may also be a killer?

From CNN:

A kidnapped girl’s escape in Alabama has led to the discovery of two decomposing bodies and the arrest of a man now facing murder and kidnapping charges, authorities said.

Police are looking into whether this man is an illegal immigrant, since questions of his documentation were not immediately clear.

Police got a call Monday morning from a driver about a 12-year-old girl walking alone along County Road 34 in Dadeville, Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett said Tuesday at a news conference.

The girl had been restrained to bed posts for about a week, according to a criminal complaint. She had chewed off her restraints — breaking her braces — and her wrists show marks consistent with restraint, it states.

Okay okay, literally chewing out of your restraints is crazy enough.

Especially when you’re just 12 years old!

But that’s not all:

The 12-year-old had been given alcohol to stay “in a drugged state” and was assaulted in the “head area,” the complaint states.

Okay, so, she was drugged up and had also been assaulted on her head — and yet she still escaped. This girl is tough as nails.

And now she appears to be an official crime-solver as well:

Jose Paulino Pascual-Reyes, 37, was arrested Monday about 25 miles away in Auburn on suspicion of first-degree kidnapping by US Marshals and police, the sheriff said, adding other agencies are also on the case.

While searching Pascual-Reyes’ home, detectives found two decomposed bodies, the sheriff said. A forensics team is working to identify the corpses, he said, and how and when they died wasn’t immediately known. …

Pascual-Reyes also faces three counts of capital murder and two counts of abuse of corpse, Abbett said in a news release.

The poor girl has much healing to do. But she’s obviously strong enough to do it. Pray for her.

Don’t mess with Americans.

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