Learning about schools and school boards

In the last few months schools and school boards have come under intense fire for the Marxist slanted curricula and their firm adherence to insane Covid-19 protocols.  The pushback has been widespread and fierce, and it is only ramping up.  Right here in our back yard the La Canada Board of Education is no exception.

Vi Lancer, La Canada’s Board of Education’s dedicated gadfly, has released a new video blasting activist teachers promoting Critical Race Theory and the limp wristed response of the Board of Education to the complaints of the parents.  Although it is aimed at the La Canada School District it is an excellent overview of what is going on pretty much everywhere.  Burbank, Glendale, take note.

The other thing that so many parents are concerned about is the response to the Bat Flu Panic, masking requirements and “vaccine” mandates.  These topics have been covered in previous articles, but this week a new wrinkle turned up, and I am embarrassed to admit that your Irascible Correspondent didn’t think of this: follow the money.

BOOM!  If the Vandalia School Board is being paid off to get everybody “vaccinated,” and it seems they are, are other school boards being paid off too?  I would be willing to say, “Yes!”  This bit of information finally makes sense of the mad rush to vaxx all employees, teachers, parents and children beyond even the mass hysteria gripping most people at this time.  I would love it if somebody who knows more about finance than I would look into it and make it available to your fellow readers.  Your anonymity would be absolutely preserved.

Next, here is a whole heaping helping of good news around the religious exemption from wearing masks and getting the experimental genetic treatment injection.  I’ve been thinking that you have to ASK for an exemption and hope you get it.  NO!  You CLAIM you exemption and your employer must accommodate you!  Here is a qualified expert at The Healthy American talking to employers and HR departments.  Lots and lots of free resources over there.

Finally, we have the famous Spartacus letter that the Deep State is trying so hard to expunge.  The letter is a cry from a Patriot’s heart and is very detailed, far beyond your Irascible Correspondent’s understanding, not having an advanced degree in molecular biology.  What he makes clear is the total fraud the “pandemic” is, and the crime against humanity that the Covid-19 injections.  Most of the letter is footnotes which are invaluable.

Click on the image to get the pdf file.

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