Last pieces of evidence of 2020 election monkey business in Maricopa County, Arizona

The forensic audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, Arizona has concluded.  Over the course of the last few months these pages have on many occasions presented various forms of evidence detailing the results of that audit.  The final results of the audit with the associated evidence runs to 40 600 page hardbound volumes; it is bigger than my old Encyclopedia.  It will be available for purchase, either as hardbound or softbound books, and very likely on DVD disks or thumb drives.  The actual data stored on servers runs to 3,000 terabytes, costing $16,000 a month to maintain.  Fortunately one of the auditing specialists is independently wealthy and a patriot and is bearing the cost for now.  As soon as that cost is not covered all the raw data from the audit disappears.  The actual cost of the audit was less than $400,000, quite modest in comparison to other government boondoggles or the claims that it cost $5 million.  These are historic documents.

Not all the data requested or subpoenaed was provided to the auditors so in that sense it was not a complete forensic audit.  The routers and Splunk logs are still missing, certain chain of custody documents are still missing.  The official ballot printer was instructed not to cooperate with the auditors, one of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is known to have removed certain records and has refused to provide them.  As this is the first actual forensic audit, which looks at everything (as opposed to pulling a few boxes of ballots and counting them as statistically representative of the whole – it looks random but it isn’t.), there were no procedures in place going into it, everything had to be developed on the fly as the auditors learned more about the entire election process.

It was all done in the face of great opposition.  The Democrats had literally 100 lawyers filing suits against the audit and its personnel literally every day.  Democrat officials simply refused to cooperate and obstructed wherever possible.  Doug Logan, owner and CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the firm that ran the audit, has been forced to close his successful business and been sued into personal bankruptcy; at the moment the Democrat lawyers are trying to evict him and his children from their home.  He has refused to turn over to the Democrats the names and information of the thousands of volunteers that worked on the audit.  The Commicrats are eager to get that information so that these people can be attacked and destroyed as a warning to others.

The biggest surprise to the auditors was that the Republicans were cooperating with the Democrats to obstruct and attempt to derail the audit.  Although it was AZ Senator Karen Fan (R) who pushed the audit in the first place, she and other (R) members of the AZ Senate limited the scope of the audit and what data would be provided.  The Maricopa Board of Supervisors, majority (R) did much to obstruct the audit.  Mark Brnovich (R), the AZ Attorney General made supportive noises but in the end did nothing.  As the audit proceeded complete records of the findings were provided to the AZ lawmakers by registered (or is it certified?) mail and email on an ongoing basis; they never looked at the findings, thus providing themselves with plausible deniability, “I never saw it.”

The issues that underlay the Maricopa Arizona audit have been exposed across the country.  This has been a wake up call to millions of American Patriots who are now activated and mobilized and are actively working to rectify the now exposed issues in their elections, including the persons of both parties responsible for them.  We are winning this, and will win.  Our enemies will fight hard to keep from being exposed and and held accountable.  It will be messy, painful and we will have much to suffer.  We do not have any cause to flag or falter.  We are Americans and Americans win.

The last report, of many, demonstrating election irregularities shows that 140,000 ballots were counted but were not run through the machines.  Where did they come from and how did they get counted?  It also demonstrates that prior to election day chain of custody was perfect when transporting ballots from the voting centers to the central vote counting center (MTEC), but on election day that chain of custody completely disappeared.  This allowed ballots to be manufactured after election day and inserted into the ballot boxes with other legal ballots to arrive at the predetermined outcome.  The long counting delay after election day is to allow time for the insertion of votes and manufacture of ballots to arrive at the predetermined outcome.  The last ballots were not counted until December, well after the final results had been announced and the the election certified.

Below is the first page of the report.  Click on it to get the full 9 page pdf document.

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