Laboratories of Democrat fraudulency

The American Communist Democrat Party has for many years been conducting experiments on how best to manipulate the electoral system to insure victory, regardless of what the voters intend.  While most Americans have shirked their responsibilities as citizens by failing to keep track of what their elected representatives are up to, Demoncrats have moved to lock in changes to the electoral system that will give them an unbeatable edge both within and outside of the formal electoral system.  Tragically, Republicans have gone along with this.  There are likely many reasons for this; perhaps it is the lust to get and hold power, bribery, extortion, blackmail; we’ll never know for sure.

We have seen that right here in our own once Golden State of California.  We’ve seen in in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and most recently, in Alaska.  Alaska Watchman recently commented on this:

Alaska’s Division of Elections will not verify the authenticity of voter signatures on the ballots cast in the upcoming June 11 special statewide primary to replace Rep. Don Young.

“There is no statutory authority to verify signatures, but voters will have to provide witness signatures,” a March 25 email from Alaska’s Division of Elections stated.

Since this will be the first time Alaska has ever conducted a statewide mail-in election, concerns have been raised about how the state will ensure that voters are who they claim to be.

Nationally, the most common way of verifying mail-in ballots is to have elections officials verify that a voter’s signature matches the signature on file with the division of elections. In Nevada, for instance, signature verification is performed on every ballot received. If the signature is missing or if the signature on the ballot return envelope does not match the signature on file for the voter, the ballot will not be counted until the voter verifies their signature.

Since Alaska has one of the most bloated voter registration rolls in the nation, it is a certainty that thousands of mail-in ballots will be sent to outdated addresses where the voter on file no longer resides.

Alaska’s state’s voter rolls ballooned to 103% of registrations as of 2018 – the highest in the nation by a wide margin. That means there are tens of thousands of registered voters who either no longer live in Alaska or have died. And the predicament isn’t getting any better. In 2020 Alaska’s voter registration skyrocketed to 118%. This mounting problem coincides with a 2016 law which allowed the state to automatically register Alaskans when they apply for a PFD.

Did you catch that?  Alaska has 18% more registered voters than the entire population of the State, man woman and child.  With an estimated population of 732,673, that would mean that Alaska has 879,205 voters, 146,534 more voters than there are people of all ages.  Is there any doubt as to how all those excess voters are going to vote?  24.06% of actual people are under the age of 18, leaving a voting population of 556,392 of which about 60% will turn out to vote, based on historical averages.  This means that the large proportion of ghost voters will sway every election.  Packing the voter rolls with ghost voters, whether wholly imaginary or dearly departed, is only one of the tricks employed by these criminals, as concerned citizens in every State in the Union are discovering.

The Donks have not and are not offering the nation anything a sane human being would want.  Did anybody vote for a doddering puppet for President or a cackling incompetent as Vice President?  Did anybody vote for abandoning 80 billion dollars worth of military equipment to our enemies and thousands of American visa holders in Afghanistan?  Did anybody vote to throw away energy independence?  Did anybody vote for creating a Ministry of Truth to quell diversity of opinion?  Did anybody vote for an invasion across our southern border?  Did anybody vote for massive inflation and a collapsing economy?  Did anybody vote to criminalize parents and give a pass criminals?  Did anybody vote for wrecking America?  Yeah, some did, but certainly not a majority.

The States were set up to be laboratories of democracy.  The Commiecrats are turning them into Frankenstein monsters of doom.  We the People have allowed this to happen.  We the People can turn this around.

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