Keep Our Communities Safe – RECALL DA Gascón!

George Gascón’s 90 day grace period protecting him from a recall expired on March 6th. On the next business day, March 8th, the recall process against him was initiated. If all goes well, signature gathering should begin around April 1st. As soon as the final signature format is approved voters will have exactly 160 days to collect 550,000 valid signatures. Due to the heavy scrutiny signatures fall under in recall efforts the ‘Recall George Gascón’ organizers have set a goal of 800,000 signatures by September 10th. It is absolutely imperative that we reach that goal. Never before has Los Angeles County seen such a threat to the safety and well-being of its citizens by an elected official sworn to protect them. Here are just some tragic examples of Gascón’s policies at work:

Julian Andrade was 20 years old when he was heinously tortured and murdered in 2018. The 5 suspects thought he had stolen some marijuana and as a result, brutally murdered him. Most of the sentencing enhancements have been dismissed as a result of Gascón’s policies, with the remaining enhancements in the process of being dismissed as well. If convicted, these cold-blooded killers will be out in time to start families of their own, something Julian Andrade will never be able to enjoy as he leaves behind an eight-month-old son and a daughter.

Another horrific example of Gascón’s harmful policies can be seen in the murder case of Officer Keith Boyer. Officer Boyer of the Whittier PD was murdered in the line of duty by a known gang member while responding to a traffic collision. The suspect’s cousin was also murdered and another officer was shot in the abdomen. Over the objection of his Deputy District Attorneys assigned to the case, the Whittier Police Chief, and the officer’s son, Gascón ordered the death penalty be removed from consideration. This is after the suspect is on the record saying the following:

When asked by detectives if he had anything to say to the Whittier Police Department, the suspect Christopher Mejia said, “I mean, train your guys better. Train your guys better. They just got a taste of an L.A. gang member, real L.A. gang member.”

George Gascón has got to go! The LAGOP is fully committed to removing this evil and vile man from office. As soon as the finalized petitions are available we will provide you with information on where and when they can be signed. We will be in need of volunteers to obtain signatures, so sign-up and join this effort!

In the meantime please help us rise to the challenge by donating to support our efforts.

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