Jeffi Girgenti: an LA County Supervisor candidate worthy of your attention

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Jeffi Girgenti  is co host on David Hernandez’ radio show, 870. She is a serious business woman. Check out her business website. 

Read below and listen to her short clip by clicking Jeffi’s picture.

She lost 2020 45th AD race, but closed with 70,000 votes, an amazing victory for a first timer.

Jeffi Girgenti, Business Owner and Talk Show Co Host 

Jeffi in her own words


Jeffi Girgenti, owner of a small business and has lived for several decades in what has become the Third District. Her father was a police officer in the City of San Fernando.

Girgenti supports expanding “proven” homeless programs, such as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s HOST (Homeless Outreach Services Team), as well as re-opening and utilizing existing facilities for the mentally ill. The homeless issue should be declared a local state of emergency, and we should end abuse of taxpayer dollars on homeless housing, she states.

In addition, criminals should be held accountable, she adds on her website.

She advocates working with first responders under current laws, and she supports businesses in opposing campers and tents on private and public property.

An equestrian and horse owner, she supports property rights, individuals’ rights to maintain their lifestyles, low taxes and preventing overdevelopment.

She is also a dog owner and is a proponent for the humane treatment of animals.

Girgenti is endorsed by David Hernandez, chairman of the Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club, Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez and Roy Burns, past president of the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs. See:

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