Items of interest and concern

As the incompetent Revolutionary Junta struggles to retain control of the narrative and the process in the face of increasing exposure and resistance to their wicked agenda, it is necessary for patriots to be aware of what they are attempting to do.  Your Irascible Correspondent has done his best to keep you abreast but is unable to do so as well as he would like in part because there is so MANY nefarious schemes afoot and in part because he is a working stiff who occasionally must engage in dollar productive activities.  The Ravishing Wife insists on that last point.  I offer my loyal readers the following links that y’all might follow up on what is of interest to you.  All of these issues, and many others, are worthy of your prayers.

Karl Denninger pulls an extended quote from a certain Ishmael on winning the war we are in.  This merits much study.  (h/t Vox Day who notes: The fundamental problem is that most people, and virtually all conservatives, are unwilling to lift a finger until they are personally affected, even in the event that they can see the trouble coming down the road. And by then, it’s too late for anything but reactionary tactical action.”  We need a better name, Pure Bloods sounds so Aryan.

Brief tutorial on the difference between Negative Rights and Positive Rights.  Always good to be reminded.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano appeals for a world wide anti globalist alliance.

What’s in the insane infrastructure bill?  An end to freedom.  But we knew that, Corey Lynn breaks it down.

Ex IRS agent tells it like it is – the system is a fraud.  Part 1Part 2.  Bitchute video.

Central banks are launching digital currencies, total control of your money.

Its for the greater good.

Interview with major players in the Arizona forensic election audit.

Schools are masking the children because they are being paid to do so.

The next level of censorship, UN taking down private websites.

Department of Defense issues order to National Guard: No VAXX, no pay.

Finally, I have seen an unconfirmed report from a normally reliable source that the Army is sending troops back into Afghanistan.  Not to rescue the thousands of Americans and American visa holders, but air conditioning specialists to help  the Chinese with the mines they acquired when we left.  Let’s go, Brandon!

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