It ain’t racism, now its white privilege

The Democrats have been ginning  up a race war as means of dividing the nation against itself and leveraging that to electoral victory.  Of course there is racism in America.  There will always be racism to some extent or other wherever you have diverse groups of humans in proximity to one another.  Without an overarching religious, cultural or political motive to unify people DIVERSITY + PROXIMITY = WAR.

America is without a doubt the culture most accepting of diverse races in the world today.  Diversity, however, as it has been defined by the Left, is a fraud.  America as as one nation under God will work only when we return to the principles of our founding, E pluribus unum, out of many, one.  It was once understood that once you came to these hallowed shores you were no longer Italien, German, Chinese or whatever, you were American and strove to become American.  Not everybody could do that, about 25% of immigrants couldn’t adapt and returned whence they came.

It is no surprise the the Democrats continue to promote racism as they always have, albeit now by claiming that they are opposed to racism.  Now they have switched polarity and whites are now the designated out group to be harassed and expunged.  What we see in the video below are the bitter fruits of their success in foisting their victim ideology on those they have succeeded in oppressing with their propaganda of hate.

Warning: disturbing images of violence.

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