Independent journalist arrested on secret indictment as deep state expose goes public

Independent journalist Millie Weaver and her partner were arrested Friday on charges based on a secret indictment, which can be issued by a grand jury.  The charges are burglary and domestic violence; since when do you need a grand jury for that?  She had just completed but not yest premiered a documentary exposing the Deep State entitled Shadow Gate.  In the video below her colleague explains what happened and then we see her documenting her own arrest.   I can guarantee you that you won’t be seeing this on the evening news.

Immediately upon receiving the video stream from Ms. Weaver her colleague uploaded the video to the internet before it could be scrubbed from their production server.  The clumsiness of the arrest procedure – it was nothing like the well planned and executed arrest of Roger Stone, for example – suggests that arrest was arranged in haste.  Below is the devastating expose that the Deep State was presumably trying to hide.

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