Illegal Invasion and Forced Criminal Integration Into America

For Demoncrats the real border crisis was Trump stemming the flow from down south.  What was flowing into the US from points south of the Rio Grand?  Oh, the usual: drugs, guns and people.  What kind of people?  Slaves (usually for sale as sex workers) kids (often for sale as sex workers) and slavers (aka: future Democrat voters).  Seems the Donks aren’t very happy that the American electorate has become obsolete (insufficiently Socialist) and needs a massive infusion of Dependency “citizens” battening on the government tit.  Remember, boys and girls (and others): diversity is our strength (NOT!), you racists.

And, oh, yeah, they can be repurposed as domestic help, gardeners, field hands and experienced sex slaves when the new CCP overlords clean the place up.  Yep, the Glorious World of Next Tuesday is comin’ fast.

Click on the image of the New Americans for video with facts and figures.  Oh, and a bonus on small footprint food production.

Click these bad boys for video

Welcome to El Norte, Future Democrat Voters!  Thank you for accepting $2,000 a month from the hard working, law abiding, tax paying pendejos Americanos.


2 Comments on “Illegal Invasion and Forced Criminal Integration Into America

  1. What malarkey! Who writes this juvenile piece of junk!? What we as Republicans should advocate for is Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform to address severe labor shortages employers and farmers face in California today in tandem with a strong and secure border.

    P.S. As a newly registered Republican (having recently switched from Democrat) I’d be happy to offer writing services instead of this embarrassing inferior nonsense.

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