I fear the man with only one book – Latin proverb

It is clear that the Wuhan virus and it’s associated disease, Covid-19, have been manipulated by all sides to achieve political ends.  The watchword of the day is Science! used as an incantation by people who have no idea of what science is, how it works or what its limitations are.   With few exceptions the powerful among us are reduced to casting joss sticks and reading entrails, or worse, Marx, to proclaim the future in service to whatever higher power they claim to champion.  Unsurprisingly they only see what they expect to see, and demand that all men also see that fantastic vision, and render homage to it alone.

This is bad enough, but when entire populations are in the grip of mass delusion madness abounds.  When men look on a chipped and twisted fragment of a broken half truth as divine revelation, declare their ignorance the seal of certainty and a token of salvation, well, things can only go downhill from there.  And when those who lust for absolute power seize and guide the hysterical narrative to suit their ends, things will go down hill fast.

Be it the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Impeachment Hoax, the botched response to Covid-19 hoax, the masks hoax, the vaccine hoax, the agitprop flogged masses surged from one failed mirage to a shiny, new and – this time, at last! – definitive narrative to another.  Only to have it collapse again, and the desperate, tired, panting masses get media-chivied on to the next chimerical sure thing.  Israel in the desert an’t in it; they at least had manna, we only the everlasting empty promise.

With the magical cry, “Avaunt the science, forward!” about which they know next to nothing, our erstwhile leaders push the charge (herding from the shadows) into a Chinese style techno police state (and little Greta Wokester to guide us) which, they promise, will make us all very happy – especially them.  A more feckless class of self proclaimed elites has not been seen since Lord Elphinstone was tasked to carry the White Man’s Burden to Afghanistan.  May they and their army of useful idiots share fully in his fate.

Over at The Belmont Club Richard Fernandez has an excellent article regarding science and those who, despite not much understanding it, interpret it to those who presumably know even less.  Science is organized knowledge about reality.  It turns out that reality is a lot more complex than the human mind even using the tools of science can understand.  You certainly aren’t going to understand any of it if your only book is Das Kapital.

With a host of furious fancies,
Whereof I am commander,
With a burning spear and a horse of air
To the wilderness I wander.

By a knight of ghosts and shadows
I challenged am to tourney
Ten leagues beyond the wide world’s end –
Methinks it is no journey.

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