Holiday stocking stuffers to support the American Resistance

Your Irascible Correspondent here, helping you subvert the Revolutionary Junta, strengthen your faith and mock all things Woke this holiday season.  All these years we have seen our religion marginalized, our culture diluted and demeaned, our values slandered, and no real push back from our side.  That has to change.  Below is a, rather haphazard, collection of messages to hearten our friends, dismay our foes, encourage the timid and influence the undecided.

We are not the kind of people to scrawl anti regime graffiti on a wall, loudly challenge leftist dogma, drop hand typed propaganda leaflets when nobody is looking or carry a protest sign.  But it is imperative that we, who are knowledgeable and committed patriots, publicly express our opposition to our national travesty.  Our silence is implied consent, makes us doubt our cause and our courage and erodes our credibility in our own eyes and in the eyes of our community.  Historically, small acts of resistance accrue moral authority over time and undermine the legitimacy of tyrannical regimes.

I have personally modeled these over the last year, and can testify that the response from patriots has been enthusiastic; the response from liberals has been muted – the most anyone has done to date is to look very unhappy.  Resistance begins with me.  I would be honored if you would join me.  A percentage of profits go to support the GBRA.

Thank you.

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