Guts! Calling out the strategic trap when tempers are hot

We humans are prone to tunnel vision, getting so focused on the thing in front of us that we lose sight of the bigger picture.  That is especially true in a power struggle.  People who can rise above the fray and see the bigger picture are rare.  Even rarer are those who rise above, see and call those still fighting to their senses is vanishingly rare, they are a gift from God and a treasure to their communities.  The Gateway Pundit brings one such heroine.

Dottie Bailey, a second-term state representative from a district that spans St. Louis and Franklin Counties, left the floor to pray. She returned before she got a clear answer from God. But she returned with the righteous courage to let the Holy Spirit speak through her.

What she said silenced the rancor and earned personal praise and thanks, not only from her fellow Republicans, but from the Democrats and African-Americans in the legislature. This despite the fact that Dottie didn’t really talk about race at all. She talked about the deadly sin of division. Without using the words, she evoked Lincoln’s “a house divided” speech. Without quoting Churchill, she evoked his Iron Curtain warning. Without conjuring William F. Buckley, she reminded us that the battle we face is Good vs. Evil on a different plane.

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